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Luis German

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Hable BUEN Español conmigo y no se conforme con lo que oye

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Administrador de Empresas, amante de la escrtitura y del buen hablar. Escritor freelance para TILDE NOTICIAS, revista mensual de noticias para la comunidad hispana de los EE.UU.
Hago un segmento radial en Almavisión Radio 87.7 Miami(semanal), "La desinformacion de la Información".


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About Luis German

Actually I am a Conversational Spanish tutor, I'm teaching all levels of the conversational spanish topics.
I'm working as a conversational spanish tutor for VARSITY TUTORS™ and my experience is very gratifying because all my students show results since their first session.
My system is very simple I call it "El sistema de mi mamá" (my mom's system), the only thing I do is the all moms do; teach with patience, perseverance, passion and love. Basically is teach the words, the sound, the meaning, and then, repeating and repeating, the student learn the word and how to use it in the life's situation whre and wnen the word is necessary.
Right now I have three students one is podiatrist and he is in Menphis TN, one is from Brazil and I teach him in his office here in Miami, teh other is from Chicago but he lives in the city of Hollywood, Florida. Also I do voluntary work in couple churches, where I teach reading and writing.



  • 5h: $150
  • 10h: $300


  • $30/h

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