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I have spent more than thirty years in courtrooms and classrooms. I'm Colorado-based and will happily help you negotiate the labyrinths of social studies, history, politics, the law, and college prep.

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I strive to make students be as active as possible in the learning process. I prefer not to give lectures; I lead discussions. I ask students to be prepared for each subject by reading beforehand and being prepared to answer my questions in class. I also strive to use as many real-life examples as possible of the topics I teach, and I also make great use of hypothetical examples. It could be said that I try to use the Socratic Method, but I find that term intimidates students who aren't in law school, so I don't use the term much.


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About William

I obtained my B.A. in Political Science in 1988 and my J.D. in 1992. Since then, I have taught politics, law, economics, and U.S. government both on an individual basis and in college classrooms. I've taught in both one-on-one settings and in group environments.



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