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I have 25+ Years Crochet Experience & I specialize in teaching Lefties in Henderson Nevada


I like to start with the basics and I believe that sufficient practice will lead to better control, speed, and accuracy. I believe that each student should work at the pace that he or she is most comfortable with and be permitted to grow organically. I will not push you to move on to the next stitch until you are comfortable with the last one but I also will not hold you back either. I encourage note taking and believe that face-to-face learning is essential for crochet as many of the steps and processes can be really difficult to master through video classes or tutorials. I'm also always open to learning new things so if you bring something to me that you want to learn that I'm not already familiar with, I will go out and learn it so that I can teach it to you.


I first learned to crochet as a child but, as a lefty, no one that I knew could teach me much more than how to do chains until I was 12 so I would just sit and make chains and unravel them and make them again for hours. Once I learned (from a fellow lefty) how to do more, I started to experiment. I gathered an arsenal of patterns, stitches, and styles. I started making my own patterns about 10 years ago and sell some of them on Etsy. My most popular patterns are beanie caps themed after Pokemon characters. I make blankets, clothing, accessories, decorative items, 3 dimensional animals and dolls, mini-crochet, and more. I have taught many of my family, friends, and community members how to crochet over the years and even went back and taught my mother and sisters some new tricks even though they'd been crocheting longer than I have. My latest favorite hobbies are cable crochet and picture crochet. I can teach you how to take just about any image and turn it into a crochet project!


Transportation Fee : $5
Rate for online lessons : $12/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $60
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $110


Cost of travel is per 15 miles. For example: If you require me to travel 30 miles the cost of travel will be $10. Cost of travel is per visit, not per person, so you can save money by getting 1 or more friends to join the lesson (they will need to pay their own hourly rate for the lesson, though).
For group lessons of 5 or more people, the cost of travel will be waived entirely regardless of distance (as long as it is in the Las Vegas/Henderson valley).
If you're not comfortable meeting for lessons in my home or your home, I am willing to meet you at a public location that is conducive to lessons and willing to host us such as a craft store, library, or community center but you will need to cover any fees that the public location may charge. I am also open to meeting at a coffee shop for lessons provided it is in a safe area of town and we can find an adequate space to work. (Bad Owl Coffee on Eastern, for example, is amazing during the mid-morning and early afternoon hours when it's not super busy and as long as we buy a coffee they're very relaxed on how long we stay and what we're doing while there).

Lessons offered by Lynsee
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Lynsee's resume

I've won multiple awards in various crochet competitions over the years, always placing in first or second and I've never entered a competition where I didn't place at all. My Etsy shop became so successful so quickly that I had more orders for Pokemon themed beanies than I could fill (and I'm really fast) and had to put the site on hold to get caught up. My gauge does tend to be a bit smaller than average (meaning I make tighter stitches than most people) but I use measurements rather than stitch counts to ensure clothing and hats fit properly so I've never had an unhappy customer.

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