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Book a lesson

Have you found the perfect tutor? Now it's time to organize your lessons!

You can plan and pay for your lesson hours directly in the messaging service via a secure payment tool.

To send a lesson proposal to your tutor:

  • From the messaging system, click on the button at the bottom right

  • Offer up to three availabilities. We advise you to offer several dates, your tutor will have more choices to schedule a lesson on one of these

  • Choose the place of the lesson and your means of payment then validate. No payment will be made at the time of the request, the lesson will be paid only if the teacher accepts one of your availabilities and the course is scheduled

  • Your tutor will be instantly notified of your request and will choose from one of your availabilities!

  • The tutor is available, you are notified and the lesson is scheduled.

  • They are not available, they will offer you new dates. It will then be your turn to accept their proposal.

    A messaging service with your tutor is dedicated to you, take the opportunity to discuss your availability with them before scheduling the lesson.