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Highly motivated Environmental Scientist with a Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology and skilled in Biology, Ecology, Statistics, and Geography


My teaching goals are to inspire students to engage in the self-learning process, to enable analytical and problem-solving skills, and to promote self-confidence and enthusiasm towards higher education. I am highly organized with material and believe in breaking down the learning content into smaller achievable daily tasks and activities. I have taken several graduate-level STEM courses in Biology, Ecology, Statistics, and Environmental Science.


Ph.D. in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from Clemson University and worked as a Teaching Assistant for 6 years for Clemson's Department of Biological Sciences mentoring and instructing undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds in freshman-level biology and ecology. Also mentored and instructed undergraduate students for environmental law and policy courses for Clemson’s Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation (FEC).


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Lessons offered by Snehal
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Taught subjects
  • Biology
  • Zoology
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • College / University Preparation
  • Hydrobiology
  • All Levels

Snehal's resume

LinkedIn profile: (concealed information)
Highly motivated environmental scientist with 7 years’ experience, seeking an entry-level position in environmental consultancy and natural resource conservation and management
Ph.D. Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, Clemson University, USA May 2018
M.S. Environmental Science, University of Pune, India May 2010
B.S. Life Science, University of Mumbai, India June 2008
• MS Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint)
• Analytical Techniques: Gas Chromatography and Absorption Spectrophotometry
Project Coordinator
Russell and Dawson, Inc. February 2019- October 2020
• Assist project managers in environmental and architecture/engineering divisons with project organization and coordination of resources, equipment, meetings and prepare documents like Work Plans, Schedules and Summary Reports
• Coordinate bids for new construction of multi-family and hospitality projects
• Perform geospatial analysis to advise on matters of environmental compliance and apply knowledge of sustainable design to achieve resource efficiency in construction processes
Seasonal Resource Assistant, Wildlife Division,
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection June 2018-February 2019
• Assisted state biologists in monitoring and conducting research on the population status and habitat use of non-harvested wildlife species
• Monitored state and federally endangered bat species using acoustic technology, collected and synthesised data on habitat use, processed, and analyzed the acoustic data using SONOBAT software
• Reviewed the NPDES permits for being protective of aquatic organisms such as freshwater mussels and created maps in ArcGIS prioritizing watersheds for freshwater mussel conservation
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 2012 to 2017
• Mentored and instructed undergraduate students in performing experiments and writing scientific papers/reports
• Instructed the laboratory portion of General Biology I and II (for non-Biological Science majors) which covered topics ranging from biochemistry, botany, ecology & evolutionary biology, organismal biology to cell biology
Research Assistant, Gomukh Environmental Trust, Pune, India 2011
• Assited in preparing a Master Plan for the Wainganga River Basin, commissioned by the Water Resources Department, Government of India
• Conducted literature review and analysed ecological and hydrological datasets and proposed solutions for managing the river basin through the rationale for the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
Water-Electricity Nexus: Assessing Impacts of Habitat Loss on Freshwater Mussel Assemblages in The Savannah Basin, South Carolina January 2012 to December 2017
• Assessed temporal water footprint associated with hydroelectric and thermoelectric facilities at the national, regional and local scale under various climate change scenarios
• Conducted state-wide visual and tactile surveys for state and federally threatened freshwater mussels such as Carolina Heelsplitter and collected habitat quality and environmental data; planned and coordinated field work and wrote reports
• Developed patch occupancy and matrix metapopulation models to assess the impacts of habitat loss on endangered freshwater mussel species
• Presented research outcomes at national and regional conferences and symposiums. Dissertation findings are in the process of getting published in form of atleast 3 peer-reviewed manuscripts
An Evaluation of the Levels of Toxic Metals Cadmium, Lead, Mercury & Copper in the Marine Environs off Alibag, West Coast of India December 2009 to May 2010
• Conducted field surveys, collected and processed sediment core and water samples, analysed the samples by applying gas and liquid chromatography techniques and identified and evaluated the levels of heavy metal pollutants in the study area
• Poster presentation at the Annual Symposium of the International Association for
Landscape Ecology, US Regional Chapter, Asheville, NC, 2016. Supported by NASA-MSU Grant.
• S.S. Mhatre, A. Johnson and M. Wolf. 2015. Presence of Alasmidonta varicosa (brook floater) nursery in Turkey Creek, Savannah River basin: new information on brook floater in the slate belt region of South Carolina, USA. Ellipsaria (newsletter of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society), 17(4): 17-18.
• Paranjpye Vijay, Manish Rajankar, Anuja Date, and Snehal Mhatre. 2012. Wainganga: Planning for Water Resource Development, Part I: Involving Communities in Integrated River Basin Development and Management Plan. I ed. Vol. I. Pune: n.p., Print.
• Oral Presentation titled ‘Impacts of habitat degradation and habitat fragmentation on freshwater mussels’ at the South-eastern Ecology and Evolution Conference (SEEC) 2015 at University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Awarded the NSF Diversity Scholarship to attend the SEEC 2015.
• Awarded Professional Enrichment Grant by Clemson University to attend and present at the SCWRC 2014 (Supported by $400 travel award).
• Oral Presentation on “Water-Energy Nexus” at South-eastern Natural Resources Graduate Student Symposium, Mississippi State University, MS. March 2014. (Supported with a $200 travel award)

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