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MA holding English teacher with 17 years of experience teaches English, ESL, and other languages in Sacramento

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As an MA holder and a teacher with 17 years of experience, I offer practical experience and updated theoretical knowledge. I have worked with students of different ages and levels to achieve their academic goals. I always try to make the learning experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. I regard student success as my own success. I am quite sure that you can be the next success story!


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About Reza

I started giving lessons in 1999. Since then I have been teaching and tutoring hundreds of students . Most of them have had outstanding academic records. I am really pleased to see them or to hear about them especially because they have passed this stage of life with great pride and confidence.



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    Paris 18e, France

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    During my school and university career I have learned that two languages, English and Spanish. But from the moment I started...

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