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Knowing who you are and learning to become your most authentic self

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I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati and working on a second Masters degree in Theological studies. I teach other adults how to make the connection with their true self by asking questions.


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  • Life coaching


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About Cynthia

I have been giving lessons about 12 years. I have mastered this ideology just in the last 5 years. The results that my students have achieved is learning to have a more open mind and recognizing the energy.



  • 5h: $200
  • 10h: $350


  • + $$25


  • $50/h


Within all of those rate fees I have many options for instance I have Quick option which is only $30 for thirty minutes
I have unlimited personal coaching for a month if that is what the student needs. I'm very flexible

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