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Learn Arabic from A to Z with a native speaker in San Francisco!

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Originally from Morocco, I have lived in the US for a couple of years. I speak 5 languages and my 6th is in the process of learning. I have been a tutor for almost 9 years, teaching Arabic, French, and English.


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    Listening comprehension - Arabic

    Writing expression - Arabic


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About Reda

I have given lessons in Arabic, French, and English for almost 9 years to hundreds of students from different nationalities. Both in my country of Origin, Morocco, and here in San Francisco. All my students were satisfied with my work and I am so proud of their achievements.



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  • 10h: $130


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  • $15/h

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    San Francisco

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    I can use different programmes such as zoom or skype and share the books on the screen and for zoom it has white board so I...

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  • Arabic is one of my favorite languages. It is rich and exotic


    New York

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    Each student is different. I prefer to listen to every learner to tailor my lessons based on his/her needs and goals.

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  • I am a computer Engineering student, I will soon finish my studies at the University of Genoa, Arabic is my native language. I also speak fluent English, Italian, French. I am available  to start .



    for my method it will be to have a complete introduction to insert my client into the Arab culture. and we will start with...

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  • Teaching Arabic Language it's my mother tongue .I can teach for anyone and everyone.



    i am a teacher who teach Arabic language to anyone and everyone . you don't have to have any dgree. Arabic language is so...

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  • Experienced Arabic Language Tutor (Modern Standard Arabic and Iraqi Dialect), with 2 years of experience teaching and tutoring Arabic for non-native Arabic speakers in-person and online.


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    My teaching methodology is based on creating lessons that contain tailored, critical, and necessary information needed to...

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  • As-salamu alaykum, It's me Amr! Welcome to my profile, I am an Arabic language teacher with three years of experience in teaching to all ages and levels... Egyptian, Levantine, MSA (Fusha) and Classic



    My method is to know your level and then we choose the best material and method for you.. depends on your goal, level and...

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  • Private tutor and Arabic language major with a focus on Arabic folklore



    My teaching method is focused on learning vocabulary and grammar through use of the language in everyday situations. By...

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  • Speak and understand Arabic in London as if it was your mother tongue


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  • Private tutor with 4 years experience in teaching both classical and dialect (Egyptian and Levantine)


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    My teaching method is to make students understand the language and to be able to be independent by mastering the mechanism...

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  • Arabic teacher with over 4 years of experience, Passionate about teaching and caring for my students



    I base my lessons on a mixture of methods and approaches to meet the different needs of learners and the different aims of...

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  • Born and Raised in Egypt, Loves teaching the Arabic Language to enthused individuals


    Santa Ana

    Relaxed, Focused with extreme patience specifically for those who are biggeners.

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  • High School Student offering Arabic vocabulary, Writing, and speaking lessons in New York. Has been speaking Arabic since born.



    I believe that each approach is different depending on different interests and student personalities. My techniques range...

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  • Very passionate about teaching my native language to other people, because I think it’s a very beautiful language



    The way I like to teach is by making each class different, we’ll do reading once , speaking once and that all depends on...

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  • Lebanese civil and environmental Engineer, with teaching experience in Arabic language of 10 years



    I can make your experience in learning Arabic easy, interesting and fun. My class will be through video call where we can...

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  • Arabic I teach online It's my third language. I've been teaching it for 3 years



    I teach all types of students, from beginner , intermediate and advanced levels. I also teach survival and travelling...

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  • Master student, multilingual and Arabic native speaker offering Arabic lessons in Rochester, NY and online



    I am still a student working on my masters degree which I believe allows me to be a better tutor as I understand the...

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  • Arabic teacher in San Francisco, Arabic is my native language, studying its structure for 14 years


    San Francisco

    My plan differs depending on the student's preferences whether they wish to learn standard Arabic (Fushaa) or Egyptian...

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  • Arabic native speaker, teaching Arabic and Quran for all ages in English with unique styles.


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    Some advantages to join us: - Interactive board methods are used in the learning process. - Flexible...

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  • Languages Lover student offering lessons in my native language, Arabic! Based in Chicago.



    My teaching method is student-centric, involving both lectures and discussion techniques. I approach my classes with...

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    • 30mins free
  • I am A doctor from Damascus city. I live in the USA. I speak Arabic as native language and English.


    Spring Hill

    My teaching style is to involve my students in the learning process. I will ask u to prepare concepts then we will discuss...

    • $20/h
    • 30mins free
  • Experienced tutor offering French and Arabic lessons up to advanced level online



    I think that each one has its own target, in my current teaching style; I can't actually choose one method and ignore other...

    • $19/h
    • 1hr free