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Learn Basic American Sign Language with an undergraduate student who has a passion for the beauty of ASL and can help you learn letters, numbers, colors, countries and more whether you want to learn

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About the lesson

I have completed 4 semesters of ASL at a top ten University (the University of Minnesota Twin Cities), and I continue my education for personal enjoyment weekly.
I got As in all my ASL classes and was one of the students who was not taking the class because it was a requirement, but because I genuinely loved the language.
As often as I can, I learn more ASL and put myself in situations where I can use my skills. I have a few deaf or hard of hearing friends, have volunteered at a summer deaf camp, and interact with the interpreters at my school.

I don't claim to be a fluent expert in ASL, but if you are looking to learn some basic ASL for whatever the reason (maybe to teach your child, communicate with a Deaf co-worker, or neighbor) I feel confident in my past skills and my resources to teach you accurate ASL in a fun and creative way!

My mission is two fold
1. To teach accurate ASL
2. To educate hearing people about the Deaf community and dispel some misconceptions
3. To have fun!

My teaching method would be tailored to you! I don't claim to be a teacher, I am only a Jr. undergraduate student, but I would teach in the using the techniques my professors used that really helped me learn ASL and I would create activities and homework depending on how much work you desired.

ASL is a beautiful language that I believe more people should learn! There is a whole community of amazing people that you could communicate with if you knew ASL.


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About Sarah

Besides teaching my friends ASL, YOU would be my first "student." Scary, I know!
If you trust that a love for ASL and a passion to teach it correctly and in a fun way is enough to make a good teacher then I am your person!



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