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Learn KOREAN FAST in 3 months with NATIVE! (working as Tutor and Translator)


I base my classes on the student's learning pace, at the same time, letting them meet their highest level of learning. It is my obligation to understand and analyze what works best for each of the students. I recommend a lesson of a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the lesson amount that they take each week.

During the Current pandemic of Covid19, it is recommended to take an online course instead of an offline.

For the online course, the lesson will be taken using the zoom (face-to-face). All the materials will be presented on the screen and will be shared in a pdf file by the end of the class. The course will be as interactive as offline.

The course materials are not merely based on one resource. It will include various resources and interactive practices.

Level Division (Learning expectation)

1. Beginner Level
By the end of the level, the students are expected to be fluent in reading, writing sentences and paragraph, understand clearly how to use grammar conjugation and basic vocabularies. Able to watch Korean contents (K-drama, K-film, K-music video, etc) and catch the speaking. (Expected to reach medium to high mark on TOPIK I level 1-2)

2. Intermediate Level
By the end of the level, the students are expected to understand fully Korean speaking and intermediate sentences. Expected to learn all the grammar conjugation. Able to structure sentences properly and create long paragraphs. Able to watch K-contents without subtitle. (Expected to reach a high mark in TOPIK I level 1-2, and reach a medium understanding in TOPIK II level 3-4)

3. Advanced Level
By the end of the level, the students are expected to be fluent in speaking and able to do conversation with Native speakers. Able to understand and write long paragraphs, such as long writings/essays/poems. The students will learn deeper on the Korean culture and history, also the daily expression that follows the trend. (Expected to reach a medium to high mark in TOPIK II level 5-6)


I have been working as a private tutor and translator (Korean-Indonesian-English) since 2016. I have taught more than 50 students with the age range from kindergarten until adults (age of 4-60). I am certificated 7.0 for IELTS and Full Marked for TOPIK II (Test of proficiency in Korean). Apart from teaching, I am currently working as a translator. I have worked as a translator for more than 40 different events (K-pop concerts, Private Interpreter, Private Tutor, Business Meetings, Trading Conferences, Personal Assistant, etc).


Rate for online lessons : $33/h


Online (Personal):

Beginner Level: $33/hour
Intermediate Level: $43/hour
Advanced Level: $53/hour

Groups per person (Recommended to take a minimum of 2hours):

Group A (2 Person): $27/hour (per person)
Group B (3 Person): $26/hour ( per person)
Group C (4 Person)l: $25/hour (per person)

Lessons offered by Eun Ji
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Korean
  • All Levels

Eun Ji's resume

Name: Beatrix Lee (Eun Ji Lee)

TOPIK: Level 6/6
IELTS: Level 7/9
Bahasa Indonesia: Level 4/6

Translator CV
- AT Rising Star foods of Korea Export Conference
- ICAI International Kindergarten Korean Language Teacher
- Viona Rosalina (Indonesian Artist) Interpreter
- Piece Coin Indonesia Launching Event MC
- K-food Fair Jakarta Export Conference Interpreter
- PT Ardisal Jasa Utama Personal Interpreter
- PT Cranium IT Designer & Internship
- PT TechBI Coordinator & Private Interpreter
- PT Hermesys IT Coordinator & Interpreter
- Twice Land in Jakarta Concert Stage Manager & Interpreter
- Asian Games 2018 MBC Documentary Reporter Interpreter
- PT KABIT Korean BI Coordinator & Private Interpreter
- Lee Sang Hee Ex-secretary minister Private Interpreter
- KOTRA K-MOVE Halal foreign affairs and trade Interpreter
- President Moon Jae In Brunei Visits Embassy Reporter’s Interpreter
- Assault Crime Law Document Translate
- KOTRA Chung Book & Kang Won Trade Delegation Interpreter
- KOTRA Indo Water Treatment Exhibition Interpreter
- KOTRA Kyeong Nam Marine Export Exhibition Interpreter
- K-Food Fair Jakarta Export Exhibition Interpreter
- KOTRA Kyeong Ki & Thong San LED Trade Delegation Interpreter
- KOTRA Medical Devices Trade Delegation Interpreter
- Asian Sound Syndicate Artist Crush Personal Interpreter
- KOTRA Gumi Cosmetic Trade Delegation Interpreter
- GOJEK Andrew Lee Interview Interpreter
- Black Pink Samsung A Launching Fan Meet-up Console Assistant and Interpreter
- Akusara Concert Production Meeting Interpreter
- PT. Semin Metal Indonesia Police Investigation Interpreter
- PT. Matahari Notary Translate
- Dayeong Ubitec IPOL Meeting Interpreter
- Nuri Telecom Bidding Interpreter
- Taihan Wire Personal Interpreter
- Hyundai Autoever IPOL meeting Interpreter
- IPOL Internal Meeting Interpretor
- KOTRA Medical Roadshow, Virtual Meeting Interpreter
- Singersongwriter Dea Sabrinat Lyric Translate & Tutoring
- KOTRA Indonesia Cyber Roadshow Virtual Meeting
- WECS SEOUL Business Matching Conference (Virtual)
- INNOBIZ Technical Business Matching Conference (Virtual)
, etc.

Tutor CV
- ICAI International Kindergarten Part-time Korean Tutor
- Dewi(38) Personal Korean Tutor (Jakarta)
- Viona Rosalina(40) Personal Korean Tutor (Jakarta)
- Nayla Ayu(13) Personal Korean Tutor (Jakarta)
- Putri(28) Personal Korean Tutor (Jakarta)
- Cho San (4) Personal Korean Tutor (Tangerang)
- David (31) Personal Korean Tutor (Sydney)
- Christy(32) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Anita(28) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Michael(23) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- William(39) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Song Hwa Kim(9) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Eliana(29) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Bernandito(17) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Melissa(37) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Mia(53) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Lia(32) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Christy (24) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Jody (19) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Candice (15) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Rainer (12) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
- Axl (10) Personal Korean Tutor (Online)
, etc.

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