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I use all my skills to make the learning experinece for each and every student an ongoing success. And to make the path they are chosing the most enjoyable one. On one hand I'm using the material from two different courses of Swedish for immigrants, which provides a good, well-tested and well-structured basis for learning the Swedish language, and which at the same time conveys a lot of information on Swedish culture and life in Sweden. This also gives my students the opportunity to take the official standardised European language certificates at each respective level. On the other hand, I try to immerse my students in the foreign language, to expose them as much as possible to Swedish, to read original literature from very early on. I educate them to think Swedish rather than to translate every word in their heads, which leads to natural speaking and mastering everyday situations with native speakers.

With a commitment of 2 hours of class a week, anyone can easily master the level A2 in less than a year with me. There is no repetitive learning of vocabulary involved, no formal homework, however, I do strongly encourage my students to expose themselves to 30 minutes of Swedish daily by listening to music, the radio, movies, Youtubers, reading a Swedish book for leisure etc. I do introduce these options, but my students get to chose whatever they want.

My methods work well for all ages. However, looking at my student age distribution, half of them are in the 60 to 75 years interval and a quarter are full-time working mums and dads and both groups report that they felt they could not progress in other methods they tried before. And their language skills are growing at the same pace as for the 15 to 25 years old fellow students.

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About Arndt

I am a former teacher and university lecturer. I am employed as a study coach on a permanent contract with a Swedish learning academy. I distance tutor Swedish students in maths and physics and teach Swedish to immigrants. I have worked as a full-time high-school teacher at a Swedish school in Lund. Although Swedish is not my native toungue, my Swedish is pretty close to native level. I speak English and German (native) as well as Swedish and Spanish (totally fluent) and French, Danish and Norwegian at an intermediate level. I hold a PhD in physics. I have been teaching languages part time for over 2 decades. My teaching is grounded profoundly in first-person experience. I have lived on 3 continents and three times in my live I have arrived in a country where I did not speak (or poorly spoke) the local language. So I know what it is like to be in an immigrant position and how to make language work for you in a foreign place. I have ample experience with students from all ages (9 to 85) and all walks of life. And they all succeeded.



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