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Learn the medical sciences to get a better understanding. I teach anatomy,physiology, USMLE courses, COMLEX

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MD doctor, passed All usmle exams , tutor for last 6 years for all medical sciences , IELTS tutor , TOEFL tutor. Psychiatry shelf exams , medical shelf exams , Medical license tutor for countries including USA ,UK, dubai and saudi arabia.


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    Molecular biology


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About Yasar

I am professional online tutor for USMLE, physiology , Anatomy, molecular biology , microbiology for last 6 year ,my students have passed all exams with high grades. I teach the basic foundation and then take my students to higher clinicals.



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  • PhD in Molecular biology can tutor you! Philadelphia area. Bio, AP Bio, Anat & Phys


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    Maria A.


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  • Passionate teacher had over 20 years experience teaching sciences to students at different levels Overseas and in the United States.


    North Lauderdale

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    Paris 5e, France

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  • Medical student teaching Microbiology, Bacteriology, Virology and Parasitology for medical students and other undergraduate majors.



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    -Teaching methodology relies on visuals, videos, mnemonics and clinical cases. -Lesson plan adapted to each student...

    • $15/h