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Learn Turkish today with Turkish language teacher as a native Turkish speaker

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I'm a Turkish language teacher in Turkey. I have been teaching Turkish for foreigners for 6 years (since 2011). I have a lot of students from several countries. I graduated from the Turkish language and literature. I am currently a Ph.D. student on Turkish language. I can help all students older than 11 from beginners to advenced. I am teaching my lessons using paper or screen sharing. I can teach Turkish without needing another language. However, of course, we can get help from another language at necessary moments. I love students. Computer and mobile technology are always in my life.

Do you need online documents? I have.
Do you need online exams? I have.
Do you need online homeworks? I have.
Do you need online practice? I have.
Do you want just speaking, writing, listening or reading? You will take.
Do you need a regular Turkish course? I have.
Everything about Turkish language. Just want..

Come and let's make a plan for you!


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About Deniz

I have been teaching Turkish since 2011. I taught Turkish almost 200 students from A1 to C1. Most of them had certificate. I have experience online teaching. I have a lot of onlinr documents. I will share them. I can teach you how you want. You can begin speaking first day!



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