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How Can A Superprof Tutor Help You Learn Chinese?

Chinese is a widely spoken language and an important one if we consider the sheer number of speakers.

While it provides better job prospects, a chance to make new friends, and an understanding of a wide range of media, it is not easy to catch on to the pronunciation or the script.

Even though countless online apps and tutorials focus on teaching it, no method is more effective than learning through an actual teacher.

Superprof's tutors can answer your questions in real-time and help you rectify pronunciation mistakes on the spot.

Therefore, if you want to invest your time in learning Chinese smartly, one-on-one tutoring is the most efficient solution.

Reasons To Study Chinese

Here are a few reasons why you should consider learning Chinese:

Widely Spoken Language

People from China or Chinese origins live all over the world, and you may come across them regularly.

That is why it is useful to know the language to better interact with friends, colleagues, business partners, or shopowners. 


If you plan to travel to the East any time soon, learning Chinese should be at the top of your list. China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, and Mongolia are countries where people speak the language.

Whether you are going for business or pleasure, it would be a lot easier to converse with people and find your way if you know Chinese. 

Learn A New Culture

Chinese culture is rich and is portrayed in many beautiful stories, novels, poetry, and films.

If you are interested in China's great history and its people, talking to local historians or reading their works would give you an authentic understanding.

Make New Friends

China is the most populous country in the world, with nearly 1.28 billion people. Therefore, knowing their language makes you more open to making new friends, whether you are traveling or connecting over social media.

Better Job Prospects

Several multinational companies like Coca-Cola, Ford, etc., do business with and in China.

Therefore, if you have the right language skills, you can expect to impress your potential employers and have better job prospects.

Develop Artistic Skills

Chinese characters and symbols are very different from the English alphabets. The written words need a steady hand as they are iconographic characters.

This stress on artistic value is seen in historical pieces of Chinese art. So if you want to experience the artistic excellence that has taken generations to perfect, learn the language and begin with the letters.

Eat High-Quality Food

Markets across China are famous for their unique dishes that you cannot find anywhere else. Learning the language will help you navigate local food streets and read menus.

It will also acquaint you with foods that you cannot find in a local Chinese takeout.

Enhance Brain Power

Our brains are like machines that need to be well-oiled to function correctly. Studies show that learning Mandarin requires the use of both sides of your brain.

Simply put, you can count on this language to keep your brain working at its optimal level!

3 Challenges Of Learning Chinese

As the language itself is complicated, there are bound to be some challenges for new learners, which is why we recommend tutors for better learning!

Here is a list of some common problems people face when learning Chinese:

Complicated Writing System

Living in the USA, you study an alphabet-based language by memorizing letters, which serve as the basis for writing the rest of the language.

However, Chinese has over 50,000 characters, and an educated person knows around 8,000 of them.

It takes years to learn how to use them correctly, and it will take a while before you can read even the simplest of texts.

Although there are no known shortcuts to hurry the process, tutors can help you learn efficiently. They will make you read extensive texts, real-life conversations and may even make you listen to music.

Additionally, teachers provide tutorials and converse in the language to enhance your daily vocabulary.

Tonal Language

When you start to speak Chinese, one of the most significant issues you'll face right away is its tonal nature. There is an added component to memorize in every word apart from consonants and vowels.

Moreover, intonation patterns are challenging to get rid of because what is used to emphasize something in English is used to modify Chinese meaning. So, if you use the same intonation in Chinese, your speech may be incomprehensible.

To avoid such an issue, you should converse in Chinese, for which you need a tutor. Native Chinese teachers help correct your pronunciation by listening to you and providing feedback. Mastering a tone is hard, but they can help you get the hang of it.

Non-Phonetic Writing System

It is easy to understand unfamiliar words in English based on usage and how they sound. However, you can repeat Chinese words countless times without actually understanding how to write them.

Of course, you will have to follow specific rules and patterns, but those don't work like they do for English and are more complicated to figure out.

Connect To Chinese Tutors In The USA

It is always challenging to learn a new language, especially if it is Mandarin or Cantonese. While Youtube tutorials, apps, language websites are helpful resources, nothing can replace a qualified tutor who can clarify your issues and mistakes in real-time.

Furthermore, even if you choose to take Chinese classes, you can never be sure of the teacher's capabilities until you've already signed up for the course.

You will find thousands of Chinese tutors across the USA and to say that it is challenging to pick the right one is an understatement.

Superprof provides a reliable platform for you to vet and choose a professional Chinese tutor according to the qualifications, traits, and style you're looking for.

Learn Chinese With Superprof

Superprof provides users with a range of professional native-speaking Chinese tutors; therefore, you can be sure of their qualifications and teaching experience.

Browse through their profiles and select the one that fits your criteria. One of the best features is that most of them offer the first lesson for free, so if you don't like the trial class, you can always move onto the next teacher.

Superprof makes your Chinese learning process comfortable and efficient, with the option of in-person or online classes.

Our classes are also affordable, and the price of your lesson depends on:

  • Your teacher's experience
  • Your lesson's frequency and duration
  • Your lesson's location: online, in-person, or outside location

Log on to our website, sign up, find a teacher, pay, and start your Chinese classes today!