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💰 How costly are dance courses in San Francisco and the surrounding areas?

In San Francisco, the average price of dance courses is $28.


Lesson rates will vary depending on:

  • the qualifications and amount of teaching experience of your teacher
  • Where your lessons will take place (online or the instructor's home)
  • The number of lessons and the duration of each class
  • The type of dance classes you want to take (salsa, tango, ballroom or Zumba..)
  • the goal of your classes (are you preparing to take dance exams or maybe you just want to learn to dance as a hobby.)

97% of our dance teachers on Superprof give their first lesson for free.


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💃 What can a dance instructor help you with?

Learning to dance is a favorite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Did you know that dancing is a great form of physical exercise, and helps to improve heart and lung condition and it also helps brain development and improves your coordination?


On Superprof you can learn to dance in whatever style interests you most. Whether you are interested in learning rumba or ballroom dance, you can find the perfect teacher on Superprof.


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🥇 How many tutors are available in San Francisco to teach dance lessons?

There are currently 3 dance teachers available to teach dance lessons in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.


You can review their ads and message the dance teacher that fits to your needs.


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✒️ On average, what rating was attributed by students to dance tutors in San Francisco?

From a sample of 1 recommendations, students scored their dance tutors an average of 5.0 out of 5.


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Take Dance Lessons in San Francisco

Living in San Francisco can be great for creativity and inspiration which makes it such an amazing hub for the arts. Museums, cuisine, and sightseeing around this gorgeous peninsula have attracted many tourists and Frisco natives to appreciate all that it has to offer.

If you’re looking for that creative spark in the arts, you should consider taking dancing lessons in San Francisco!

Thanks to dance being both an art form and a sporting activity, there are a lot of people interested in learning to dance. Everyone, at some point in their lives, has probably done a few impromptu dance moves in the shower, joined a Zumba class, or has had jam-out sessions in the car to their favorite tunes.

Why not practice with a professionally trained dancer to improve your moves?

It's understandable if you want to avoid all group classes for safety reasons, especially with COVID-19. But who said that you could not enjoy one-on-one private tutoring or online courses?

Consider taking dancing lessons with Superprof. Our tutors offer world-class lessons online and in-person at the pace and convenience of your preference. 

Save the stress of finding a tutor on your own and fully immerse yourself in an engaging, exhilarating experience with an experienced dance tutor! At home or in person, you choose!

Finding the right Superprof dance tutor

While learning dance moves may not be the only thing on your priority list, You might have school assignments to do or other errands to run in a day, however, that doesn’t mean you should not make time to get your weekly exercise in. 

Because of this, it can be somewhat challenging to commit to a particular time for a dance class, however, having a private Superprof dance tutor can offer great flexibility for people whose daily schedules are packed with activities! 

The great thing about using Superprof is that you can choose a plan and find a tutor that works for your unique dance needs and goals. 

Moreover, you can also set your own pace for learning all the new dance moves. You can learn to dance without the pressure of keeping up with a classroom full of peers.

Your selected Superprof tutor will keep into account the correct dancing pace for you, so taking it slow or fast is entirely dependent on how you want your dance lessons to be! 

Feel free to review tutor profiles on our website and see which tutor's expertise level suits you. You can also choose your tutor according to your location. Most of our tutors respond in less than 6 hours, so you can contact them, discuss your requirements, and board your dancing lessons as you please!

1, 2, Dance! 

Mastering any style of dance is an ambitious task and should you aspire to become a professional dancer, a professionally trained dance tutor is a must!

Whether you want to make your mark in musical theater, take musical training at a conservatory, or simply find a new passion or hobby, pursuing dance is a worthwhile journey and it will surely bring you many benefits. 

Given the right guidance and dance expertise, you can feel the confidence you deserve!

With that being said it would be useful to have a little introduction to what you may expect for your upcoming dance lessons.

Dance classes will follow a particular rhythm depending on the dance styles being taught (salsa, waltz, merengue, tango, hip hop, breakdancing, ballet, tap, etc.). You should discuss or explore many dance styles with your Superprof tutor to find out the one that fits best for you!

Your instructor will want you to do a few warm-up exercises to make sure that your body’s ready to dance. You’ll also have to do several stretches to help you avoid injuries while dancing.

By warming up this way prior to a dance session, you allow your muscles to ‘wake up' and be prepared to move.

Once that is complete, you will gradually be taught steps cumulatively, usually in counts of 8, to begin a performed dance sequence.

A few stretches for cooldown at the end of the lesson will make sure you don’t have as many aches and pains the following day.

Benefits of Dancing and your health

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or expert, working with a dance instructor is a great way to receive exercise and work up your metabolism. You can expect after an hour of dancing to feel less stressed, have more energy, and feel a boost of creative flow.

Besides toning up, dance, in general, is perfect for improving your heart health. Dance demands a consistent amount of cardio and which in turn helps improve stamina. 

You will start feeling healthier, stronger, and happier in no time! All of which are essential to your overall health and well-being.

If you want to really commit to improving your dance lessons, consider a balanced diet to supplement your energy needs and nutrition. 

Eliminating unhealthy foods that are saturated in oils and fats like the food found in fast food industries is a great way to start!

Instead, look towards food that is nutritional in value and can keep your engine running for longer durations. 

Fruits, vegetables, protein, and plenty of water are super helpful when exercising and can keep away unwanted sluggishness!

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So what are you waiting for? Signing up with Superprof has never been easier thanks to the user-friendly interface of our website. The first hour of your lesson offered by our qualified tutors is complementary and we encourage you to find the dance tutor best fit for you!

If you work best with a private tutor, crave a group dance session, or wish to receive lessons virtually, there are plenty of Superprof tutors that can offer flexible booking and learning modalities. 

Scroll through their profiles, find out more about their teaching experience, and read past student reviews to get a better idea of their teaching style.

Don’t you think it’s time to start working on those dance moves? We do!

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