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1st lesson free!

Award-winning choreographer with 15 years of teaching experience offers all level Contemporary & kpop dance lessons in San Francisco or via zoom

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●Contemporary dance
●Contemporary Jazz Funk
●Urban Dance
●Musical Theater

【For me】, dance classes should be playful and stress-free. Getting to know my students is the first and foremost thing I do because I believe it is the way to build connection and trust between my students and me.

I think the technique is less important than helping my students build their own confidence in their bodies. I use a personalized approach to assist students to be aware of the sensation of their bodies and help them recognize the subtlety of the body movement.

While teaching movement, I explain each movement in a very detailed way, I often use imagery to help students understand. My class focuses on choreographing movement for each student based on their own possibilities and levels of dancing. I pace my class accordingly based on students' ability to learn.

【My students】have described their experiences studying with me as life-changing events. They felt so much more connected to their body, felt more confident and happy. They sensed the improvement of their dance skill after every lesson they took with me, and had no problem to free-style and define their own dance languages.

It’s very fun to take my class and I love to connect with students in both artistic and personal contexts!


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    Jazz Dancing

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    Kpop Dance


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About Rourou

!!Learn more about my teaching practice on my website: rourouye dot com

check my Instagram for my daily dance videos! IG: rourou_sweetheart

Rourou is a dance artist whose career spans between China and New York City, incorporating choreographic investigation, theatrical dance content, dance for camera, and student mentorship. She trained rigorously in Chinese dance in a conservatory setting for over 10 years, followed by studies in American and European dance and theater practices since her early 20s. Rourou holds a BFA in Choreography from Shanghai Theater Academy and an MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College.

As a teacher, she has taught hundreds of students of different levels, in various dance styles, ranging from contemporary, kpop, theater, jazz, hip-hop, Chinese, improvisation, and choreography. She’s passionate about helping students to achieve their individualized goals through her unique, comprehensive, and supportive teaching style. She is passionate about education and believes in the role art plays in how people learn, grow and connect with each other.

As a choreographer, her works have been presented by major dance venues in the USA including GIBNEY, Danspace Project, Movement Research, Center for Performance Research, The Field, Dixon Place, Bronx Academy of Art and Dance, LMCC, Arts on Site, Austin Dance Festival, Venice Art Factory (Italy), and in China by Shanghai International Dance Festival, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Beijing Dance Festival, and China Dance Forward (Hong Kong).



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  • $125/h

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Find out more about Rourou

  • 01

    What age did you start dancing? Tell us about this time or moment in your life.

    I started my dance training when I was five years old and I went to professional dance school since 12 years old.

  • 02

    What are your favorite dance; those that you practice at a high level, a simple hobby, and a dance that you'd still like to discover?

    My favorite dance is my own style, a mix of contemporary dance, jazz dance, taichi, and hip-hop! More specifically, I combined the free expression in contemporary, the feminine and sexiness in Jazz, the use of Qi(breath), the groundedness from Tai Chi, and the power and articulation from Hip-hop.

    I am currently exploring dance therapy and how movements are intrinsically linked with human depth psychology. I find it fascinating that movements can actually reveal our unconscious mind and through movement, we can heal our hunted spirit. More to discover!

  • 03

    What gives you the motivation and passion to pursue your dance?

    Dance is part of my life that I can't live without it. It is a healer for me; whenever I feel down, sad, or happy, I dance. Dance is able to contain my emotion and let me release them or amplify them. It is a skill I have, and the closest friend who's always here with me and supports me.

  • 04

    Do you have a dancing achievement that you're particularly proud of?

    There are many many moments in my dance career that made me proud. My dance works have been shown internationally in Europe, the U.S., Hongkong, Korea, Japan, and China. My work has been exhibited in major art institutions, such as the New Museum.

    The professional dance students I mentored have been selected into top dance and performing schools, such as California Institution of the Arts, Duke University, Sarah Lawrence College, as well as top-conservatories in China, such as Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Beijing Dance Academy, and Shanghai Theater Academy.
    My non-professional students have described their experiences studying with me as life-changing events. They felt so much more connected to their body, felt more confident and happy. They sensed the improvement of their dance skill after every lesson they took with me and had no problem free-style and define their own dance languages.

  • 05

    How have your achievements and challenges made you a better dance artist?

    【Teaching】When my students tell me my class changed their life, it motivates me to help more students. I love to see my students achieve their goals and become better and better. It's gratifying for me as their teacher and guidance.

    【Choreographing】Choreographing and creating artistic dance works is my passion and a Journey to explore my potential. The process is everything that leads me to understand myself, the people around me, and the world I live in. It nurtures my creativity through experimenting, questioning, and problem-solving. It is a process to becoming better.

  • 06

    How do you help people stay motivated?

    The spirit in the class is critical. One thing that defeats student's motivation is when they feel like they can't achieve the task in the class; for example, they somehow have difficulty doing certain movements.

    As their teacher, first and foremost, is to acknowledge that the movement is not easy to do, and it takes time to practice. So my students don't take it personally. I, then, break down the movement even more to help them find their specific core challenge and I design specific exercises to help them overcome the challenge. It is essential for me to make sure my students gain improvement and achievement in each of my lessons so they feel motivated to grow more and faster!

  • 07

    What makes you a Superprof in dance?

    One thing that makes me so unique is that I am a super creative choreographer. I take pride in my creativity, and I am so confident about it. This means I am a fast thinker, innovative and insightful. I am a problem-solver and I have sharp eyes to spot problems and the parts that need improvement.

    When it comes to teaching, my traits become so beneficial. Working with individual students, I can see their potential and give instructions based on what they need. I can choreograph dance specifically for their needs. It is like you have find the best doctor who knows exactly how to treat you and prescribes the most efficient medicine for you.

    In addition, I think dance is a combination of physical, intellectual, and spiritual practices. It is always my priority to help students intellectually understand the intention of each movement through imagination, physical science. Because I truly believe that a gracefully moving body is an actively thinking body.

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