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 Latin Lessons In United States

Language didn't appear overnight. English did not suddenly manifest into the form we know and love today. Languages generally evolve with time and eventually morph into a new language altogether. 

Indeed, you would be surprised to know that most European languages trace their roots to Latin. Even a lot of English words are derived from Latin.

Latin was originally the lingua franca of Ancient Rome, where it was known as Latium. However, the vast reaches of the Roman Empire brought it to all corners of the Mediterranean, making its influence impossible to ignore.

This simple fact automatically gives Latin a strategic edge. Learning Spanish, French, Italian, and countless other languages becomes easier when you already know Latin. 

Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that it is a dead language. This couldn't be further from the truth!


Reasons To Study Latin Language In United States

Latin is admittedly spoken in few contexts today. But where ever it is used, it is exceedingly relevant. 

Many academics and historians resolve themselves to learning it because it allows them to access and read archives. Moreover, it remains the official language of The Vatican, making it popular among Catholics.

You can also find the continued importance of the language in the natural sciences. For example, taxonomical titles given to newly discovered species, including microorganisms, are in Latin.  

The legal world is not free of it either, with many laws and legal concepts using Latin to create new legal jargon.

Latin may have lost the influence it once held, but it continues to sway our contemporary world. 

Keeping all this in mind, classifying Latin as a dead language is a misnomer. Instead, many scholars have categorized it as a liturgical language. 

More specifically, Latin is a language predominantly used in religious contexts, science, and archival work.

Besides this, Latin is alive in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian – the five romance languages. 

Ninety percent of these languages' vocabulary comes from Latin. Therefore, knowing Latin automatically acquaints you with all these languages as well.

Supeprof provides excellent Latin teachers across the United States. Get in touch with them to hire a Latin instructor for yourself.


As mentioned earlier, Latin never died. Instead, it evolved into French, Spanish, Italian, and so on. Therefore, learning Latin is basically a study of six languages at once. 

To become proficient at Latin, hire a Latin instructor from Superprof!

English Grammar And Vocabulary

When you learn Latin, it will help you master English. Fifty percent of all English words are derived from Latin. Consequently, you might develop a newfound interest in expanding your vocabulary. 

Handy In Professions

Learning Latin is essential for certain professions, including university professors, clergypersons, science, law, medicine, and language tutors. You could also use it as an interpreter or translator. 

Educational Virtue

Some students of Latin are often exploring linguistics and how languages evolve. 

For them, Latin ceases to be a language. Instead, it becomes a medium by which they explore history. 

They use Latin to examine how societal values evolved throughout history, how these evolutions are reflected in our modern world, and how politics has influenced the language.

 It's no wonder historians find the research potential inherent in this language priceless. To learn about the rise and fall of Latin, take lessons from one of Superprof's qualified Latin tutors.

Pleasure Of Learning Latin

Some of the best literature, philosophy and research works in human history are written in Latin. 

You could read translations, but they often lack the literary luster the original language carries. Technical details and creative flourishes are often lost in the translation altogether.

Learning Latin to read these great pieces of literature is worthwhile.


Benefits Of Learning Latin

To comprehend why a supposedly "dead" language is considered necessary, look no further than the United Kingdom. British parents continue to stress the importance of Latin, and thousands of students learn the language every year.

The British fully understand the unique advantages this language yields, so they make it a point to learn it. You can do the same, benefiting from the following:

Lifts Academic Outcomes

By studying the roots of a tree, you can tell a lot about it. Similarly, Latin can enhance students' grasp of contemporary languages. 

Moreover, studies conducted over extended periods have revealed vital insights. For example, they demonstrated how children's literacy levels rose ahead of their peers' within one year of learning Latin. 


Prepare For Scientific, Legal, And Medical Careers

Most parents dream of their children pursuing STEM fields. Knowing Latin will give them a unique advantage, expediting their education and career advancement.  

As mentioned earlier, all these disciplines rely upon Latin for naming conventions. In fact, until recently, Latin was a necessary subject for medical students in the UK. 

Many of our most outstanding scientists continue to incorporate Latin into their research. 

For instance, American oncologist Dr. Charles Zubrod, who played a significant role in introducing chemotherapy, admitted Latin prepared him for medical research.

Enhance For Computer Programming

Technology has come to dominate all aspects of 21st Century life. Unsurprisingly, countless people are expected to adopt computer and technology-related professions in the future. And for some of them, Latin will become indispensable.

When students learn Latin, they acquire a transferable skill. Latin itself is often described as a code that needs to be decoded. Translating a Latin sentence is comparable to breaking a code or assembling a puzzle. 

Consequently, children who learn Latin at a young age can utilize those skills when studying computer science in universities. 

Coding languages may change in the next ten years, but learning Latin may prepare for future coding. In addition, there is a lot of ancient wisdom to be extracted from it.

J.K. Rowling, famous for the Harry Potter series, also recommends Latin's ancient wisdom. 

"I hope that even if you don't remember a single word of mine, you remember those of Seneca and many of old Romans, which I met when I fled down the Classic corridor." 

She declared this during her speech at Harvard, where she was receiving her honorary degree. 


Enroll In Latin Lessons In The US!

Now that it is abundantly clear that Latin is alive and will continue to thrive into the future consider enrolling in a class today. You can get in touch with Superprof to know more about how you could go about this.

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