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Working With a Tutor to Learn Piano 

Learning piano can be difficult. Getting a tutor to help can help you achieve your goals and prevent getting discouraged.

An experienced tutor can give you the proper exercise and feedback you need to keep improving your piano skills. A teacher with experience will know if you need to improve your hand positioning, your music theory, or even your posture. All of these can affect the way you are playing the piano.

There are many ways to get help to learn piano. You can go to a regular music school in El Paso where they offer small or big group learning sessions. You can also get private tutoring in person at home or online.

Piano Tutors in El Paso

There are many tutors available to help you learn piano in El Paso. You need to ask yourself the right questions in order to find one that suits you.

First, you need to look for a tutor in El Paso that is located not too far from you. It might be difficult to meet in person with your tutor if he lives too far from your home.

Next, you should try to find a tutor with a personality that suits yours. To do that, you can start by reading the description every tutor provides on Superprof’s website. When you find one that you think is right for you, you can contact him and set up a meeting for a first tutoring session.

Some tutors prefer meeting the tutees in their music studios, some will accept to come to see you at home, it depends on the tutor and you can simply ask them, and they will gladly answer.

You shouldn’t worry about making a mistake when you choose your tutor. Most piano tutors in El Paso even offer the first piano tutoring lesson for free. That means if for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your teacher, you can try a new one, free of charge.

Whether you learn piano to relieve stress, to entertain some friend or your family, there is a tutor for you.

Important Piano Techniques

Hand positioning is a piano technique that can really change the way you feel like playing the piano. Placing your hand, the right way can make playing the piano look easier than if you place your hand incorrectly.

Your posture also plays a similar role to hand positioning. If you have a bad posture while playing the piano, you might feel uncomfortable after playing for a few hours. This can be less important for someone who plays piano just for fun with friends, but it is important for someone who is playing professionally in front of a crowd for a lot of time.

The major scale is a music theory technique that everyone should know. The major scale is literally the building block of most western songs of many different styles like heavy metal, classic, or even jazz. The piano itself is built from this scale. When there is a black key between two white keys it represents a whole tone and when there are two white keys beside each other without a black key it is a halftone. If you start reading from the C key you read tone-tone-half tone-tone-tone-tone-half tone, which is the architecture of the major scale. Another scale has different architectures, but the major scale is the most important in western music.

The pentatonic scale is another scale that is important in western music. It only contains 5 notes when the major scale has 7 notes. It is mostly used in rock n roll and blues styles songs and it is widely used by pop singers. You can try learning the pentatonic scale first because it is going to be easier to remember with its 5 notes instead of 7 for the major scale. It is also easier to play with five notes than seven at the beginning.

Piano Lessons in El Paso

El Paso Conservatory of Music is a music school located in the Sunset Heights neighborhood of the city of El Paso. They offer private lessons, music skill group classes, some adult evening music skills classes, and other programs. They have many highly skilled teachers that teach a wide variety of musical instruments like the piano. They also offer classes in singing, violin, cello, percussion, and music theory classes. You can check their website and contact them for more information or schedule a tutoring lesson.

TR Music & Voice Lessons is another music school located in El Paso, more precisely in the Sunset Heights neighborhood that offers lessons in piano but also in many other instruments like guitar, bass, and drums. They also have another location in the Highland Park neighborhood, it can be interesting if you live closer to this second location. They offer classes on-site in person with the piano tutor or online. The advantage of getting online classes is that you can do them from all around the world. This school put the accent on the fun of playing music and they proudly display some positive reviews they had from customers on their website. You can visit it if you want to know more.

Next, there is the Desert Moon Academy of the Arts it is in the Upper Mesa Hills neighborhood on the N Mesa St and they offer an even bigger selection of instruments than the previous two schools. On top of the piano and the other mentioned above, they also offer trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute, saxophone, and even arts & crafts classes. A nice thing about this school is that they clearly display the price of their lessons on the website, so you really know what to expect from the beginning. For example, they offer a package that last one month and include 30 minutes sessions weekly, for the price of 110$, so it is equivalent to 55$ an hour. You save up on the hourly wage when you get bigger packages but the price stays around the same.

You can also try checking the tutoring website to compare the price and experience of the teacher to make a better decision, but in the end, all we need to start is you!


💰What is the average price of Piano lessons in El Paso?

The average price of Piano lessons in El Paso is $128.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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