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The average price of Portuguese lessons in San Francisco is $17.

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From a sample of 3 tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Learn to speak Portuguese with the help of a native speaker

Portuguese Lessons in San Francisco, California

Portuguese is the second most spoken romance language right after Spanish and is Brazil’s national language.

And by romance, we don’t mean romantic, but meaning that it is part of a group of languages that are derived from Vulgar Latin within historical times and are a subgroup of the Italic branch.

Within this group falls French, Italian, Romanian, Catalan, and the two most popular, Spanish and Portuguese.

Portuguese is estimated to have 232 million native speakers, 258 million speakers in total, and 678,000 speakers in the United States.

Making it the ninth most spoken language in the world, so it’s a great dialect to choose to study.

Especially when California has the highest population of Portuguese speakers in the U.S. which could lead to many incredible opportunities down the line for you. 

Portuguese is also one of the most useful languages in the world and has even been dubbed one of the most beautiful as well.

So if you’re thinking about learning Portuguese, you’ll soon realize that Brazilian Portuguese is quite different than European Portuguese due to its sounds and structure.

But if you want to learn more about the benefits of knowing Portuguese along with its culture, then keep on reading!

The Benefits Of Learning Portuguese

The first thing to know is that Portuguese isn’t most people’s first pick when it comes to learning a foreign language, and many don’t know much about it.

However, it’s not too far from the English language, and although English is not a Romantic language, it still takes a lot of influence from that of Latin.

So when you study Portuguese, you’ll encounter tons of words that sound very familiar to that of English and have an easier time remembering them.

The most obvious benefit is that knowing how to speak Portuguese will help you learn Spanish and other Romantic languages a lot faster.

They all have similar verb tenses and word order, making it easier to understand.

Even better, Portuguese is a language that is spoken across the world from Europe to Brazil to Africa and even Asia!

All thanks to the colonization of the Portuguese Empire, which most people don’t even know about.

Portuguese is an incredible language spoken by an array of countries with rich cultures, so you’ll be learning so much history along the way!

Overall, building any new skill is always a great way to expand your intellectual horizons by keeping your brain agile and in shape!

So what better way to exercise your mental muscles than by learning a new and beautiful language such as Portuguese. 

Advance In Your Career

Knowing a second or third language will always be beneficial to you when it comes to your career and opportunities in the job market.

And even though you mostly hear about Spanish, German, or Mandarin as being big for business, Portuguese comes with a lot of promise.

The economic rise of Brazil is coming and that’s the largest Portuguese-speaking nation on the planet, so imagine if you were already ahead of the game. 

Brazil has a market of about 200 million people, with tons of resources, and their economic growth will only keep getting bigger. 

 So if you’re looking to improve your resume or become a number one candidate for whatever job you apply to, then you should start learning Portuguese like yesterday!

Not only does speaking the language make you a better candidate, but it says a lot about your character and work ethic.

And if you’re interested in international business, people will always hire those that know more than one language because it will make their company look much more accessible.

You might even be one of the people they choose to travel with their team to expand their brand and make new connections.

Enhance Your Travel Experiences

One of the best reasons to learn a foreign language is to experience the world in a whole new light without language barriers holding you back.

Learning Portuguese will help you read road signs, menus, and transportation tickets, but most importantly, it will allow you to connect with new people and potentially make lifelong friendships.

Besides, there’s nothing like experiencing a new city or country through the eyes of the locals as they can give you the best recommendations for food, live music, or sights to see.

Through these new opportunities, you will get to travel without feeling like a tourist and instead see the real world as the locals see it.

Better yet, if you’re interested in enrolling in a foreign university, knowing the language would open up the door for getting a job while you do school & improve your skills.

Living abroad is one of the best ways to not only master the language you are studying but to experience a different culture and slower pace of life.

And maybe even immerse yourself in the incredible literature of great Portuguese-speaking authors and poets like Almeida Garrett, Ferreira Gullar, and Fernando Pessoa.

As well as indulge in traditional Portuguese cuisine that is known for its Caldo Verde or even Sardines. 

Before you know it, you’ll be fluent and have a whole new perspective on life and culture.

How To Find Your Perfect Portuguese Tutor

If you’re looking to take lessons with a private Portuguese tutor in your city of San Francisco, then Superprof has you covered!

At Superprof, we offer online or in-person lessons based on your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and personal needs.

You can consult tutor profiles freely and contact all of the tutors that may interest you based on pricing and qualifications.

Better yet, 95% of teachers on Superprof offer their first classes for free, and the average cost is $15 per hour.

You can even read reviews from former students in San Francisco that took Portuguese lessons from the same instructor.

Most importantly, we are here to make sure you are comfortable, motivated, and excited to further your education at an affordable cost.

So why wait any longer and get started on Superprof to find the best tutor for you and your ideal virtual classroom!

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