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💰What is the average price of Reading lessons in New York?

The average price of Reading lessons in New York is $43.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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On Superprof, many of our Reading tutors offer online tuition in New York.

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23 tutors are currently available to give Reading lessons in New York and around this area. 

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From a sample of 4 tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Building confidence in reading doesn’t happen overnight and neither does hope to be better at reading. It all starts with the first step towards seeking help and simply wanting to improve in an area you wish to be stronger in.

Becoming a fluent reader has so many benefits to overall fluency in writing and language comprehension. This is evident in early education reading and writing. And it is still a useful tool when it comes to reading and comprehension in our everyday lives. 

With Superprof, taking English lessons with a particular focus on reading can help improve the speed at which you currently reading? Sign up with our verified tutors and pick up reading tips on how to further enhance your reading skills with some of the best and most inspiring texts to tackle along the way. 

It’s time you take the initiative and make reading fun again and discover the joy of literature and learning.

To read or not to read? That is the question.

Although many adults would say that they are able to read, there is a big difference between being a basic or 'passive' reader and being able to call oneself a skilled or 'active' reader. 

A passive reader is someone who simply glosses over the words in the text without interacting with the text on any level and never reaping any of the helpful benefits of reading. This lack of decoding involved in passive reading can eventually become problematic for those who have lower reading and writing comprehension.

On the other hand, active readers which are those who understand and draw contextual meaning from their reading, generally have a stronger vocabulary bank, focus, concentration, memory, and writing skills. 

There are many benefits to being this type of reader! 

A useful tactic active readers use is photographic memory and are usually able to recall information as it appeared on the page based on this visualization of text. 

Through enough reading practice, it can be gained as a new skill. Your Superprof tutor will provide ample reflection practice to help with your lessons and get you started on the right path.

Benefits of Reading

Remaining on the subject of reading benefits, it can help you to improve your analytical skills and enhance your ability to think critically and logically. 

These skills, along with the previously mentioned perks of reading for self-improvement, all impact the ease at which you can interpret texts on a much higher, richer level.

In today’s world filled with modern distractions like television, emails, and social media, we are experiencing a decline in levels of productivity and concentration than ever seen before. 

A great way to combat this is through reading. It will help you to focus all of your attention on one story and allow you to absorb written details without the distraction of a flashing screen passively activating your brain.

But wait there’s more! Reading also has deeper connections to our overall health and well-being!

Health and psychology experts agree reading has a drastic improvement on brain connectivity, empathy, and quality of sleep while reducing blood pressure, heart rate, stress, and symptoms of depression. 

Did we forget to mention that being a lifelong reader can have a significant benefit in preventing cognitive decline as you age too? 

Scientists have proven that staying mentally stimulated through tasks like reading and writing can slow down the progress of, or even eliminate, mental disorders linked to old age such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia!

Read at your preferred pace and place

Not only is reading hugely calming and a great source of free entertainment, but it is also a very important method of acquiring knowledge and improving personal skills.

Simply including a schedule with daily reading can feed your brain with more information and widen your understanding of various topics. This provides more exposure to a range of texts and consequently expanding your own word bank along the way.

With Superprof, you can choose the time and place of reading lessons. Our tutors offer flexible scheduling and locations to help make reading a seamless part of your everyday schedule. 

Prefer virtual lessons? Need one on one in-person tutoring? Need someone to help keep you accountable for improving your reading? Look no more with Superprof!

Reading as a hobby vs. Reading for Literature courses

While reading as a hobby, you have the freedom to choose which genre, book, and author you wish to cover.

However, if you are enrolled in a literature class, you will be assigned texts that are expected to finish within a set schedule. For a beginner, this can be overwhelming, but with assistance from a dependable tutor, it’s more than possible to excel in reading!

The most significant difference between reading as a hobby and studying literature happens to be the testing portion. You will be judged for your understanding intermittently and at the end of each piece.

This pressure to perform in an examination can be daunting for someone just reading for fun!

As studying literature requires students to exude a superior analytical level, Superprof's expert tutors will help you maintain an unbiased train of thought. So if your goal is to read for fun or a literature course, being a confident reader is a must!

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Our Superprof tutors are adapted to help serve your unique learning goals and needs. And if you’re still unsure, read over past student reviews and find out if they are the best fit for you from the experience of others.

A positive review is a great indication of a strong, confident tutor! 

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