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  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
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Licensed Biology teacher with 15 years teaching experience offering biology and ecology lessons in New Jersey


I modify my teaching approach based on the students and topic. I most prefer using either a facilitator or delegator style. I believe students learn best when they are challenged and a little bit of struggle is a good thing - both for their learning and for building their confidence


•Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Biology
•15 years teaching experience
• Current teacher licenses in Virginia and New Jersey
• Foreign teaching experience in 5 countries on 3 continents
• Industrial experience in molecular and microbiology labs


Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Lessons offered by Thomas
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Taught subjects
  • Biology
  • Cell biology
  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
  • All Levels

Thomas's resume

Seeking a position as a High School Biology Teacher utilizing the following background:

• Amassing 15 years’ experience teaching the most rigorous Biology curricula…International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and Cambridge International Examinations

• Earning both Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Biology

• Holding current teaching licenses for Biology in 2 states… New Jersey and Virginia

• Receiving the ETS Recognition of Excellence Award for scoring in the top 15% on the Praxis Biology exam

• Accruing teaching experience in North America, South America, The Middle East and Far East…able to identify with students of diverse backgrounds, foster rapport and equip learners with the skills needed to become global citizens

• Serving as an Industrial Molecular Biologist and Microbiologist…acquiring hands on experience to be shared with the students


SHANGHAI THOMAS SCHOOL, Shanghai, China (concealed information)
iBET Coordinator, AP Biology/Environmental Science and IGCSE Biology Teacher, 2018-2020
Integrating the educational objectives of Biology, English and Technology. Facilitating comprehensive research projects. Relating lesson content to life-long practices for career success. Helping students gain enduring understanding of biological concepts and the scientific evidence that supports them. Discovering and developing special talents of students in scientific fields.

TARSUS AMERICAN COLLEGE, Tarsus, Turkey (concealed information)
IB DP Biology/Environmental Systems & Societies Teacher, 2016-2017
Implementing effective instructional strategies to ensure student success. Designing activities to promote international mindedness. Overseeing completion of Extended Essays. Motivating each student to acquire knowledge of facts, principles and skills in scientific investigation.

ISLAMIC SAUDI ACADEMY, Alexandria, Virginia (concealed information)
IB DP Biology and MYP Biotechnology Teacher, 2014-2016
Conceptualizing Biology through inquiry-based learning, project-based learning and case studies. Developing in each student an awareness of the role of science in economic and social progress. Combining strong passion for research and experimentation to inspire students.

GUNMA KOKUSAI ACADEMY, Ota, Gunma, Japan (concealed information)
IB DP Biology and Integrated Science Teacher, 2011-2014
Designing student directed, inquiry-based lessons. Fostering development of reasoning skills essential to scientific practices. Overseeing fulfillment of Group 4 Project. Holding private after school help sessions. Maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge.

WESGREEN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (concealed information) Biology Coordinator, AS/IGCSE Biology and Integrated Science Teacher, 2008-2011 Establishing strong relationships with fellow members of the science department. Confirming curricula reflects changes in Cambridge syllabi. Reviewing students’ progress, assessing if interventions are necessary. Convening team meetings. Scheduling workshops. Researching new resources and teaching methods. Ensuring all learners reach their full potential.

FUNDACION LICEO INGLES, Pereira, Colombia (concealed information)
High School Biology Teacher, 2006-2008
Educating in the areas of cell function, basis of life, genetics, evolution, classification, respiration and human organ systems. Employing a broad range of instructional techniques in order to appeal to students and retain students’ interest. Preparing and implementing remedial programs for students requiring extra help. Providing a stimulating learning environment.

ABRAHAM CLARK HIGH SCHOOL, Roselle, NJ (concealed information)
AP Biology and General Biology Teacher, 2004-2006
Using a variety of educative strategies including cooperative learning, inquiry based learning and direct instruction. Incorporating technology into the classroom as demonstrated by the increased student use of internet resources and presentation software. Nurturing scientific thought and enquiry.


SYNAPTIC PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION, Paramus, NJ Research Associate, High Throughput DNA Sequencing Group, 1998-2000 Performing PCR amplification, SAP purification, cycle sequencing and gel electrophoresis protocols. Conducting trouble shooting assays and QA/QC tests. Operating automated DNA sequencers and training new users. Managing ordering and inventory of lab supplies.

TROY CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Newark, NJ (concealed information) Microbiologist, Technical Service Department, 1993-1998 Completing diffusion, stability and resistance tests in accordance with ASTM procedures. Carrying out microbial isolation assays and cultures. Communicating with management and clients through laboratory reports and telephone support.


Master of Science, Biological Sciences – Seton Hall University, 1999 GPA: 3.49

Bachelor of Arts, Biological Sciences - University of Delaware, 1992


A talent for involving and motivating students of all ability levels. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to convey subject material in an accessible and compelling manner, emphasizing relevance to the world beyond the classroom. Continual focus on self-improvement and continuous learning. Ability to establish meaningful relationships with students, parents, administration and staff. Solid understanding of IB ethos and philosophy. Team oriented and able to work independently and manage multiple tasks. A genuine interest in and respect for young people.

Microsoft Office, Google apps, Vernier Logger Pro, ManageBac, GradeCam, Kahoot!,

PCR. Electrophoresis. DNA fingerprinting. Manual and automated DNA sequencing. Plasmid digestion and gene splicing. Oligo synthesis. Nucleic acid isolation. Differential display. Gram staining. Disc diffusion, microbial limits and preservative effectiveness tests. Good laboratory practices.


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