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Licensed medical professional with three Bachelor's degrees in biological and psychological sciences.

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I have three Bachelor's degrees in the following fields: Biology, Medical Technology, and Psychology. I also have a minor in Chemistry, and recently received my license as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist. Currently, I work as a Clinical Microbiologist with a concentration in organisms found in urine, genital, and respiratory samples.

I have found being thorough in a subject by starting off with the basics and applying those basics to higher knowledge helps a lot when it comes to not just memorizing but truly understanding a subject. The way I taught myself through college was by creating questions out of my lecture materials and then making quizzes for myself in that subject. I have also created tables and mnemonics to help with remembering and organizing large amounts of information so it makes sense. I encourage repetition so facts stick in your mind--it may sound as if I'm against memorization entirely, but I believe it has its uses now and again. I myself am a person who asks a lot of questions and encourages that--if you don't understand something or want to know more about it, there's no shame in asking!! All it can do is make you more prepared.


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About Matt

I have not given formal lessons to anyone, but I was often the leader of study groups during my time at college. My final year was a clinical semester that took place between two hospitals and I would often be asked to share the resources I made to help other students study. The study guide I made for my board exam was exhaustingly comprehensive when supplemented with a book and flash cards we were given as study aids. I know of at least four other students who used my guide with other material and we all successfully obtained our licenses in Clinical Laboratory Science.



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The only thing extra I would need to charge for is travel.

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