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Logic tutoring specific to LSAT by an attorney who scored in the 99% of LSAT

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I have individually instructed five students. Four of them were elementary and middle school, and all were very successful, entering public school a grade ahead of age. I also tutored a law student in several subjects. His grades went up within a semester and remained higher. I also taught a class in law school that was entirely grounded in teaching law students efficient study skills to succeed in law school. I did this three semesters, and my average class had twelve law students.

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I am an attorney but I was a homeschool teacher before I aced the LSAT and got a full scholarship to law school. I did very well in law school and had a job before I graduated. I also clerked for a federal court judge. My method for the LSAT - and for teaching the logic necessary - is repetition and encouragement. I practice the Socratic method.

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