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Love Econ! Learn classical and behavioral economics, econometrics, micro, macro, etc from a passionate economist in LA

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My emphasis is always on understanding and enthusiasm. I pride myself on framing learning as an exciting exploration, rather than a series of disconnected facts. Providing students with a narrative and guiding them through the material from multiple perspectives brings life to any topic. For instance, instead of calculus as a wrote procedure, we can use it as a new lens for something a student already cares about and relates to like the acceleration of a car, the volume of an instrument, the shape of a rainbow etc.


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About Damon

I am a lifelong lover of science. I began college as a physics and engineering student, before switching to degrees in economics and psychology. I've been able to continue using math and statistics in behavioral economics research at Columbia. I have taught and tutored undergraduate courses in statistics, decision making, neuropsychology, and standardized test preparation.



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Cancellation is free 24hrs or more in advance of the lesson. Although I am flexible, I prefer to teach 45 minute lessons, especially on Zoom, to maximize students' level of engagement. 5% cash and Venmo discount

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