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Make your sketches come to life from visual to digital on Photoshop

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I'm currently a sophomore at Texas State University,and I'm also an alumni from a well known art program in San antonio, Texas called SAY Sí. I'm a digital artist I love to make contemporary art. I would like to teach elementary,middle school and freshmen and sophomore in high sschool; the ways I make my art and to hope they can grow from my techniques to eventually create their own techniques. There will be a total of 4 projects, or if a student needs help on a school project they are more than welcome to share with the class their art assignment so we as a class can grow on our creativity, and experience. I will be using Photoshop, however I would like for my students to get the hang of making visual art, before making digital art. So there will be a mix of drawing in my class and than technology. Once the class is ready we will be moving on to Photoshop and I will give you demos (practices) to do certain thing if you need assistance.
The lesson will go by the following:
PROJECT 1: Story development ( will give a demonstration on what to expectations
-Character Develop:
-Brainstorm Sketching:
-Final Sketches:
-Digital coloring:
-Final Product:
PROJECT 2: Alternative Universe (demo on making your element more realistic feel to it.
-Select an element/power:(art,fire,water,air)
-Select a person or creature:
-Brainstorm sketches:
-Final sketches:
-Digital coloring:
-Final Product:
PROJECT 3:Background
Select from 2-4 places of your choosing. Will be giving some demo on texture on objects.
-Final sketches:
-Digital coloring:
-Final Product:
PROJECT 4: Make original Comicbook
You will be incorporating Projects 1-3 in your final project the comic must be from 2-4 pages long and has to be original.(Demo on panel placement)
-Final sketches:
-Digital coloring:
-Final Product


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About Jessica

I haven't reached before, however I have given lessons in high school to lower classmates and they told me they enjoyed my way of teaching. I plan to become an art teacher and I would like to start but doing online or even in person.



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Depending on travel the rate will be from $5-12 ( the closer you are to where I live the less amount of travel fees and further away you are from me more amount of travel fees. However, for students that that live in a different city like Austin or San Antonio there is a possibility that I will on get to you on the weekends.

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