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Marine Biologist Looking to Tutor Students in the Natural Sciences in McHenry County

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About the lesson

I graduated college from Hawaii Pacific University with my bachelors in 2015 and have been working in the field of Marine Biology since then. I am passionate about teaching and I hope to share my love of the natural sciences with high school and college students struggling with these topics or just hoping to be a step ahead and get the best grades they possibly can. My methods are very involved and include a dialogue between me and the student, talking through the concepts, giving and coming up with real life examples, checking understanding as we go and then quizzing on past materials to ensure that the information is being retained. I promise to work just as hard (or harder) as the student does, because their success is my success!


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About Robyn

In college I often set up study groups for my peers complete with flash cards, quizzes etc for my science and math classes, and I enjoyed it immensely. I also taught hands-on biology seminars to students and the public in locations such as Hawaii and New Jersey after graduating. This would be my first experience as an official tutor, however I am very confident in my ability to engage and educate people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.



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