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Math know how for any student; grammar, mid, hs, college. I'm ready to hear from you.

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About the lesson

I’m Sam Zappala; I’ve been a math teacher/tutor since 98. When teaching, I want the students to work with me. I want to gain their respect. When I work with the students, if there’s an easier way; I’ll inform them. This is how to make it easier. I teach algebra, geometry and trigonometry. I will also get into Calculus and SI (metrics).
When working with geometry and/or trigonometry, the first formulas I want them to remember are: a^2+b^2=c^2; for rt triangles; and a/sin=b/sln=c/sin; for all triangles.
I’ve been working with numbers since I was a teenager. When I was putting myself through school; I was working in a warehouse. ! would do the math in my head before somebody else could punch it into a calculator.
I wrote-up several pages of formulas that I give to each student. I’ve got the ability; now I need to pass-it-on.
I have an MD in Mechanical Engineering; this is in the math/science category. Please see the resume. I also designed several tools. I am now attempting to get one on the market.



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About Sam

I've been teaching math since 98. As for students; I taught 6 classes each year amounting to 3240 students so far. My students found that when using my formulas; it's alot easier. Tey and their parents show their appreciation.



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