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About the lesson

I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Mathematics from Western Washington University. I have 5+ years experience tutoring students of all ages (14-65) for Whatcom Community College, Bellingham Technical College, and privately. I am excited about math and love to help others find excitement in this subject which most people are intimidated by.


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About Jon

I am most comfortable tutoring students ages 16-40 in subjects ranging from elementary algebra to differential equations. Having worked at 2 colleges for the past 5+ years, I have easily tutored more than 1000 students with an estimated 95% receiving at least a B as a final grade for their courses.



  • 5h: $130
  • 10h: $250


  • $30/h


Basic tutoring ($30/hr +$10 for each additional student) - covers time spent helping students with homework and developing a fundamental foundation to move forward in further mathematics understanding.

Teaching ($50/hr +$10 for each additional student) - covers time spent developing lesson plans, handouts & worksheets, as well as everything covered in Basic tutoring. Additional students must be in the same class as primary student.

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  • Senior engineering student offering elementary or advanced math tutoring in the Morgantown, WV area or virtually.



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  • Experienced professional educator offering lessons in mathematics and statistics at all levels



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  • Mathematician with More than Twenty Years Experience to Tutor Mathematics and Physics in Central New York



    My approach to teaching varies, depending upon the subject and the student. And, although I am currently teaching...

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    • 1hr free