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Musician with 11 years of experience gives music lessons online for beginners (Ukulele and Acoustic Guitar)

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I have taught various instruments over the past few years. I'm only 20 years old, but have been learning and playing instruments for over half of my life. I love music and love to share it with others. If you take my ukulele or guitar lessons, I will patiently take you step-by-step through learning chords, tabs, and more. I like to have fun with music, and can assure you that every lesson will be worth the time you put into it.


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About Kaleb

I have been giving lessons for 4 years, but have only taught around 5 students, even though I wanted to teach more. Every person I have taught enjoyed their lessons and I enjoyed teaching them. Nothing feels better to me than helping others achieve steps in their musical endeavors.



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Webcam only, 30 minute sessions

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  • Classically-Trained Guitarist with Master's Degree in Music offering online lessons out of Moscow, ID.



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  • Guitar. Beginner Theory. bass uke and several other instuments 22 yrs teaching exp. Lessons on line or in my home


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  • Have been playing stringed instruments since Grammar School (currently 68 years old). Three years of lessons working through four Mel Bay Method. Continued playing by ear until the present.  As a teen



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  • Online lessons of guitar and ukulele from Russia with love and fun(and of course musical education). Graduated from Arkhangelsk Music College in 2019.


    We learn notes, work with rythm, explore chords on our lessons. We learn on favourite songs and popular jazz standards. If...

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  • Multi instrumentalist with 10 years experience gives guitar lessons online in Texas



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  • Seasoned performer and expert teacher of Guitar and Ukelele available to give lessons in San Francisco to students of all levels...


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  • Celebrated guitarist with years of recording and touring experience offering personalized lessons with amazing results.



    I have taught kids who can't play a note and adults who have been playing for years. My approach is the same. I first help...

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  • Erick Kahn With Music Kahncepts Studios, with more than 20 years of teaching Experience. Youth Special Program, Basics for Beginners, Intermediate Classical and Jazz, Theory and Harmony.



    Again, I have a youth special programs with exclusive methods for kids, basics for beginners at all ages with a specific...

    • $50/h
    • 1hr free