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Native Arabic speaker teaches Arabic to non-native speakers college and high schools level, online and on-site in chicago.

About the lesson

As a native Arabic speaker, I Have a passion for teaching the Arabic language as a means to bridge cultural understanding and has successfully taught Arabic to non-native speakers for over 8 years.
I have passion for teaching the language is evident in the variety of classes she has taught over the years. I have experience in teaching both Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic in addition to Arabic literature, media as well as the Levantine and Egyptian colloquial dialects. I also assisted in the development of the intermediate and advanced Modern Standard Arabic curriculum at the Qasid Arabic Institute.
I earned the Master’s in Teaching Arabic to Speakers of other languages from the University of Jordan where I taught Arabic to non-native speakers. In addition I taught students of all backgrounds at the Qasid Arabic Institute and is a certified ACTFL tester and evaluator.


  • Arabic
  • Vocabulary - Arabic
  • Oral expression - Arabic
  • +2

    Listening comprehension - Arabic

    Writing comprehension - Arabic


  • English


  • Middle School
  • College / University
  • Adult Education
  • +10

    ILR Level 0

    ILR Level 1

    ILR Level 2

    ILR Level 3

    ILR Level 4

    ILR Level 5





About Hebah

• Taught intermediate and advanced level intensive Arabic courses to up to 20 university students for 6 to 8 hours per day.
• Privately tutored American, Canadian, British and Australian diplomats for 3 to 5 hours per day in class and online, and some of them are ambassador in there Jorden for there countries.
• Taught Arabic literature and media courses up to 20 university students for 3 hours per day.
• Taught Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic in addition to Levantine and Egyptian colloquial Arabic.
• Assisted in the development of the intermediate and advanced Modern Standard Arabic curriculum for the Institute.
• Created weekly syllabi and each semester.
• Instructed students in the American Center for Oriental Research (ACOR) program.
• Supervised the language partner program for the Center of Arabic Study Abroad (CASA).
• Held one-on-one weekly and monthly meetings to evaluate students’ strengths and weaknesses.
• Created and administered weekly, midterm and final exams.
• Certified American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) test administrator.
• I was able to help student to reach superior levels in learning Arabic.
• students were able to read literature and media as well as speaking and understanding colloquial Arabic.



  • 5h: $130
  • 10h: $280


  • + $$10


  • $35/h


if the student want to focus on one skill (speaking only, or writing only......)the rate will be less.

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