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Native Spanish speaker offering tutoring in any area needed for students of all levels and ages.

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I like to approach language learning through culture and story telling. I think that becoming engaged in a story or sparking a curiosity for another culture can make language learning not only more accessible, but it can create an environment in which the student will learn without being a passive listener or reader. Furthermore, I think one of the most important things when learning a language is having a safe environment to be wrong. Especially when speaking, many students may become shy or insecure because they don't want to sound unintelligent. However, it is my philosophy that only through making these mistakes can one ask the right questions to make progress.


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About Fedra

I am a recent graduate of the University of California, San Diego. I am a native Spanish speaker, born in Mexico City. I have excellent reading, comprehension, verbal and writing skills. I am also a very clear speaker which is helpful for students' process to becoming better at comprehension.



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    I do not use a particular method. I like to say that my method is eclectic. I think that all methods have something good. I...

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