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Nursing student offering lessons in math and other academic subjects in Mn

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My teaching method is very interactive. I approach each topic with first what you know, then spend a lot of time focusing on the difficult parts that are harder for you to understand. I will also ask you to prepare questions for me beforehand.


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About Alyssa

I am a nursing student in college. In high school, I tutored many different kids, mainly in math. I was also involved in sports and have a love for dance and fitness. I can choreograph dances for teams, mainly high kick dances.



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My rates will vary due to travel distance. My cancellation policy is 2 hours in advance.

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  • Hi I am a senior in high school and I am in the top percentile of my class. Math and science are my strong suits and I know how to explain them very well. I understand that each student is different a



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    My lessons are dynamic and change based on your needs. I know various ways to teach a single topic. A typical lesson plan...

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