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Elwood Vince Penagunda - Prof medicine - Maryland City

Elwood Vince Penagunda

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Nursing student teaches Science and other health related courses from elementary school to college. I am also willing to help you in writing your thesis paper.

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I can teach you different techniques on how to smartly memorize any nursing topics or other health related courses. I can teach any time most convenient to you. I can help you in different topics as well. I am willing to help you to write your research or dissertation paper. I am part of the team who writes research and dissertation paper for 3 years.I can teach students from all grade levels.


  • Medicine
  • Health and social sciences
  • Nursing
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    EMT / Paramedic course

    Elderly Care


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About Elwood Vince Penagunda

I am a cheerful person with a positive outlook on life. I enjoy my job, and seeing my students develop and grow as individuals gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I believe I am doing my job well if I can have a positive impact on their future. I am a strong communicator who can communicate effectively both in writing and verbally, and I have a strong ability to plan and organize. I work well under pressure and can adjust my teaching style or methods as needed to achieve consistent results. I aspire myself on my ability to grow personally and professionally on a regular basis.



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  • I hold a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and with over 6 years of practice in the field, I have gained both the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you through various nursing and health related issue



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