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(BS/MS) offers private piano lessons to students in the south shore of Massachusetts

    • Plymouth
    • at your home

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I am currently a church organist and piano accompanist. I have over 20 years of experience in classical training for piano. I give lessons to beginners and intermediate students and provide advice to experienced pianists. I believe in a strong foundation using a Practical Method that introduces the student to the style used for playing Mozart and Beethoven. Many of the exercises I use for teaching are taken from pupils of 19th century composers.
I believe a good student, diligent in practice can master this technique in a few years.


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About Richard

I currently perform at recitals and concerts at a local music Conservatory. The ability to perform solo or with other instrumentalists is a talent that requires dedication and patience. I accompany a small youth choir and see the interest that our young have in music. I enjoy helping them develop their talents and interests.



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