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One with Master's degree in Psychology, gives lessons to those needing help with psychology.

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About the lesson

I have graduated with my Master's degree in psychology, with my concentration being gender diversity. I will give lessons to those who are in college--undergraduate or graduate level students. My method of instruction is problem-focused approach, the template is as follows:
*Establishing there is a problem,
*Exploring the problem,
*Looking for possible causes,
*Deciding what content in psychological science is related to the problem, and
*Proposing solutions to the problem.


  • Psychology


  • English


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  • Adult Education
  • MBA

About Janina

As I have just graduated in February, 2017, this will be my first experience giving lessons. I look forward to the opportunity to help students in their learning. I have trained new employees in my other jobs and I really enjoyed that aspect of my job. I have always wanted to be a teacher.



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  • 10h: $280


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  • $25/h


If I must travel to you, there is an additional charge to the lesson fee. There is a scaled rate for those who buy 5 lessons at a time and those who buy 10 lessons at a time.

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