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« Perfect! Fernando is Amazing and perceptive of my needs. 100% fully understood... More »
« Perfect! Fernando is Amazing and perceptive of my needs. 100% fully understood my problem with realistic rendering. Gave me advanced knowledge into the science of lighting and shadows and it’s relationship with form. Will be applying this to my drawings. Also very patient and understanding will use his service’s again. Thank you Fernando »
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  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Acrylic paint
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  • Oil painting
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ONLINE TUITION IN ARTS: Professional artist (Royal College of Art, London) and teacher offers drawing, illustration and painting lessons (beginners to advanced level) covering all techniques.​​


I am a professional artist, graduated from the Royal College of Art, with more than 15 years of international career and training experience for beginners, degree students, and other artists in different techniques (oil, acrylic, watercolour, egg tempera, drawing techniques and mixed media). I encourage my students in every lesson to experiment and learn through a practical method conceived to develop gradually their skills and achieve their goals in a friendly environment.


I have been giving art lessons during the last 15 years in universities, art schools, workshops and private lessons. I have taught hundreds of students along these years, from university classes (with more than 50 students) to private lessons at home. Many of my students have graduated in arts at the university and many of them have become professional artists themselves, exhibiting regularly. Many more have achieved a high development and confidence within the techniques we have been working on.


Transportation Fee : $8
Rate for online lessons : $39/h


For specific requirements or any question you might have, please don´t hesitate to contact me and I will be pleased to advise you on anything you need to know before we get started.

Lessons offered by Fernando
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Acrylic paint
  • Illustration
  • Oil painting
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Proficient

Fernando's resume

FERNANDO M. ROMERO. Córdoba, Spain. 1978.

(1997-2002) BA Fine Arts. Painting. University of Granada.

(2017-2019) MA Painting. Royal College of Arts, London. (Distinction in Critical & Historical Studies)

Workshops with Julie Mehretu, Arturo Herrera, Lucas Blalock, Chantal Maillard, Remo Bodei.

Currently, lives and works in London.


2018. Drawing Room Lisbon Award.
2016. 13th ART MEETING, Genalguacil. Málaga. Spain.

2015. Production Scholarship, Rafael Botí Art Foundation. Córdoba. Spain.
2012. Winner of the Painting Prize Pilar Montalbán. Elche. Spain.

2011. Shortlisted at the Painting Prize Pilar Montalbán. Elche. Spain.

2010. Shortlisted for the Salou Painting Research Prize. Salou. Spain.

2009. Winner of the Artes Nobles Prize. Córdoba/Berlin. Spain/Germany. 

2008. Shortlisted for the Pepe Espaliú Art Prize. Córdoba. Spain.
2004. Winner of the Scholarship El Paular, Segovia. Spain.

2003. Winner of the Artífice Prize. Loja Council. Granada. Spain.

2003. Winner of the RODRÍGUEZ-ACOSTA FOUNDATION Scholarship. Granada. Spain.

2001. Winner of the Creation Scholarship RAFAEL BOTÍ ART FOUNDATION. Córdoba. Spain.

2001. Winner of the RPRSENTACIÓN ART PRIZE. Granada. Spain.
1999. Winner of the TALENS Scholarship. Barcelona. Spain.


CASA MENOTTI, Spoleto. Italy.
PIANO FESTIVAL. Royal Academy of Music, London. UK.
BIENNIAL BOTÍ FOUNDATION. Botí Art Center, Córdoba. Spain.
SPLODGE. Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London. UK.
AN IMAGE CAN BE... White Crypt, Lumen Studios, London. UK.

DRAWING ROOM, Lisbon. Portugal. (Awarded with the Drawing Room Art Fair Prize)
GEOMÉTRICO TRIP SOUTH. Cervantes Institute, Rome. Italy.
GEOMÉTRICO TRIP SOUTH. Botí Art Center, Córdoba. Spain.
WIP Show. Royal College of Art, London. UK.

ART MARBELLA. Art Fair. Fernando Centeno Art Museum. Marbella. Spain.
TRIP TO THE SOUTH. Rafael Botí Art Center, Córdoba. Spain.

13 MANERAS DE CONTEMPLAR UN MIRLO. Rafael Botí Art Center, Córdoba. Spain.

ESTAMPA 2016 ART FAIR. Siboney Gallery. Matadero, Madrid. Spain.

13th GENALGUACIL ART MEETINGS. Fernando Centeno Art Museum. Genalguacil, Málaga. Spain.

PAPERWORK. SPANISH CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS. Curated by Mónica Álvarez Careaga. Today Art Museum. Beijing, China.

HE ATRAPADO UNA SOMBRA. Crucero del Hospital Real. Granada. Spain. (solo)

WE_ARE_FAIR 2016. Madrid. Spain.

GRAMÁTICA & BRICOLAJE. Yusto/Giner Gallery, Marbella. Spain.


MICRO_PROYECTOS/MICRO_RESIDENCIAS. Santaella Art Center, Córdoba. Spain.

ESTAMPA 2015 ART FAIR. Siboney Gallery, Madrid. Spain.

VIDAS CRUZADAS. Paula Alonso Gallery, Madrid. Spain.

PARTÍCULAS ELEMENTALES. Public art commission. L ́Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain. (solo)
JUSTMAD6. Just Projects. Solo project. Siboney Gallery. Madrid. Spain. (solo)

PARTÍCULAS ELEMENTALES. Arranz-Bravo Foundation. L´Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain. (solo)

60 YEARS OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN CORDOBA. Vimcorsa exhibition room. Córdoba. Spain.

ALL THAT LIES BELOW. Centro Municipal de Exposiciones de Elche. Alicante. Spain. (solo)

ESTAMPA 2014 ART FAIR. Siboney Gallery. Matadero. Madrid. Spain.

THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY. Siboney Gallery. Santander. Spain. (solo)

FEEL IN THE BLANK. AJG Gallery. Sevilla. Spain. (solo)

DUST IS GOING TO SETTLE (with Natalie Häusler). Combo Gallery. Córdoba. Spain.

HUMOR VÍTREO. Paz y Comedias Gallery. Valencia. Spain. (solo)

UN_FOLDING. Candyland Gallery. Stockholm, Sweden.

GALLERY ARTISTS. Galería Paz y Comedias. Valencia. Spain.
GROUP EXHIBITION. Sala de Exposiciones Municipal Casa Góngora. Córdoba. Spain.

ON PAPER. Arte21 Gallery. Córdoba. Spain.

LIFE AND DEATH. Museo Municipal de El Carpio. Córdoba. Spain.
DIE REISE NACH ST. PETERSBURG. Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art. Berlin. Germany.

ARTESANTANDER ART FAIR. Siboney Gallery. Santander. Spain. (solo project)

PLAIN VIEW. Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art. Berlin. Germany. (solo)

JUSTMAD3. Siboney Gallery. Madrid. Spain.

POLLOCK PROJECT. Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art. Berlin. Germany.


Navacerrada Collection.
Fernando Centeno Contemporary Art Museum.
Centenera Jaraba Foundation.
Rafael Botí Arts Foundation.
Talens Art Foundation.
Bertelsmann Group Art Collection.
Federico García Lorca Museum.
Olor Visual Collection.
University of Granada Art Collection.

The 10 reviews on Fernando
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Perfect! Fernando is Amazing and perceptive of my needs. 100% fully understood my problem with realistic rendering. Gave me advanced knowledge into the science of lighting and shadows and it’s relationship with form. Will be applying this to my drawings. Also very patient and understanding will use his service’s again. Thank you Fernando


Perfect! Fernando is an excellent tutor with encyclopedic knowledge of artists. For example the painting styles of impressionist painters like Monet, who used a palette of complementary colours only.
He went through the colour wheel, with primary, secondary and complementary colours and we painted something with complementary colours in mind.
Never hurried, he took time to make a list of best colours and brushes to buy.
I could not recommend Fernando more highly. Excellent :)


Perfect! Hola a todos,
Fernando no solo es una excelente persona sino que también un gran profesor y un gran profesional!!
Yo he disfrutado mucho mis clases con el y he aprendido muchísimo sobre arte en general y en particular sobre técnicas de pintura con acrílicos.

Fernando sabe escuchar y es muy paciente! Además me recomendaba sobre exposiciones de arte que podría ir a ver y sobre artistas que me gustarían y de quienes podría aprender y ver técnicas y su aplicación.

Realmente hab sido unas clases fantásticas con Fernando y se lo recomiendo de profesor a quien quiera aprender a pintar!

Yo solo he concluido mis clases con el porque deje de vivir en Londres, que sino seguiría pero ahora veré la forma de tener clases o guia via Skype or FaceTime.

Que disfruten mucho el aprendizaje con Fernando!



Fernando's response

I have been teaching Milagros different acrylic painting techniques, as well as composition and the fundaments of how color works in painting. Due to her commitment to learning new skills and facing new challenges, she has gained much confidence in her painting and has achieved most of the goals we set in our first class. As a result, Milagros has executed some excellent and very solid acrylic paintings in these months. Moreover, she has gained a more profound knowledge about art, painting, and techniques, which makes her appreciate more in-depth other artists paintings and exhibitions. It has been a pleasure for me to witness Milagro´s growth as an artist and as a skilled acrylic painter.


Perfect! Fernando is inspirational and highly knowledgeable teacher ! His approach to students is very attentive and encouraging - he introduces new techniques and explains them very well - step-by-step. Would be appropriate to all the levels.
Fernando has very strong technical skills - at the same time, he is a very inspiring teacher - you are offered every possible opportunity to progress. Lots of ideas - I see a strong progress after each lesson. Would highly recommend him as a painting teacher!

Fernando's response

It is a pleasure for me to help Irina to achieve her goals in oil painting every week. She is a very enthusiastic student who makes easier to propose her new challenges and solve them together. We have been working together mainly on landscapes although we are expanding our range of subject matters currently. She has achieved a lot in a short time, and it is truly inspiring to see Irina applying to new projects all the resources she has learnt in the previous ones. She is increasing her confidence and skills rapidly in oil painting, which make expect further achievements in the coming months.


Perfect! Fernando is a great artist and teacher and his passion for art really comes across in his teaching. He creates a very relaxed teaching environment and is always encouraging me to try new techniques, experiment and be as ambitious as I can with my work. Although I have only had a few lessons to date, I am very happy with my progress and looking forward to more lessons with him.

Fernando's response

Stanley is a student willing to try many different things in our lessons. That proactive attitude together with his strong discipline will grant him a quick improvement in any technique he chooses.

5 recommendations


Fernando is great! So friendly and helpful, and comes back to your queries very quickly. I bought an introductory 'virtual' lesson for my boyfriend who really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about acrylic painting. He'll be booking another lesson, hopefully a face-to-face one next, for more of Fernando's tips and tricks!


Fernando is my art tutor but he has become more like a tutor/mentor. We meet regularly and each time I leave feeling like I have a deeper understanding of a particular subject, concept or technical approach. Not only is he an extremely patient, gifted and knowledgeable tutor, he has shared his philosophy towards Art. This was an aspect I didn't even consider when initially looking for a tutor but one in which I would recommend all students to seek. I've learnt a great deal on how a student's philosophy and approach towards creating art hugely influences the work produced and what the artist feels from the work. Technically, Fernando is incredible. In fact, during our lessons I'm often left in awe when he creates demos to convey a particular concept we're studying. Due to his wide skills base and flexibility I would strongly recommend Fernando as I'm confident he'll be able to cater to exactly what you need from a tutor!


I have been taught by Fernando for more than 3 years, and I can affirm that he is one of the best experts I know in all kinds of painting techniques and styles. He transmits his knowledge with passion and in a very accessible way. Under his guidance, I have improved my painting and drawing skills in weeks. He adapted his teaching very well to my needs while he encouraged me always to go further and explore new paths and techniques. I truly recommend his classes to anyone looking for improving his/her painting and drawing skills in a robust, individual and delightful way.


Fernando is a professional artist and very good teacher, he gives all the tools so you can improve in the art drawing and painting. I am very happy to have him as a guide because I see I'm improving day to day. Thanks Fernando.


Fernando is a great teacher. He has a long experience and many teaching skills. All that, summed to his good sense of humor and kindness make him a great teacher. He is a very kind and patient person and is able to teach all kinds of techniques and above all to motivate and break the blockages and all the insecurities of these arts.

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