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Organismal Biology graduate is giving lessons in biology, anatomy, and ecology to middle school, high school, and college level students.

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About the lesson

As a recent college graduate I am intimately aware with the student perspective in education. I feel that this knowledge is absolutely pivotal in helping a current student achieve success in their education. Too often educators forget the hurdles that students face when learning, and I would like to work around that in how I teach.

- In starting a lesson with a student I first start with discussing the broad general concepts involved in the subject.

- After the overarching concepts are understood then I move on to the more specific details, this is where students usually have trouble. Here is where I find it important to focus on practical learning instead of just reading off of a PowerPoint. Allow me to give an example.

Ex. Let's say that I am helping a student with an anatomy lesson, specifically a lesson involving the muscles on a cat. Many instructors will list the muscles and expect a student to learn where they are and differentiate them from one another. This leaves a student with a steep uphill climb to master the material, and little direction on how to do so. Rather than just say "this is the latissimus dorsi", I would instead explain the function of the muscle and how the name relates to that. "The latissimus dorsi is a muscle group on the dorsal side of the animal as the 'dorsi' in the name suggests. This muscle serves to help erect the trunk of the cat which is why it attaches near the spine of the animal". Information like this creates more connections to the subject in order to memorize it, and can lead to more information that, come test time, could help a student intuit an answer from context clues during the practical.

-Then to help further ingrain the knowledge into a student's mind I have found that it is helpful to help a student work through their homework assignments for the class. Approaching the material with an open line of communication to someone else allows students to work through problems that would otherwise cause them to become frustrated, or even potentially give up on the assignment.


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About Joseph

-The last time that I tutored in an official capacity was in High School in which I taught ~10 students biology and English. Of all the students that I helped only 1 did not see improvement in their classroom performance.

-Throughout my college education however I took an active role in classes to form study groups. In doing this I started to teach other students material that made little sense to them, which in turn reinforced my own learning. This was a great way to practice multiple approaches to different types of learners, in a casual environment conducive to learning.

-Also important in learning to teach was my internship experience in environmental restoration. While this role taught me how to apply ecological concepts in the real world, it also taught me how to relay skills to others. The organisation that I worked for heavily relied on experienced student employees to teach the new hires. By the end of my 3 years at the company I was a senior student, which led to me teaching a vast amount of technical skills to people in a professional setting.



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