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Pagan of 8 years offering lessons on self love, self care, and self reliance.

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I teach in group classes or one on one depending on what you need or what you are comfortable with. If you are LGBTQ+ you are accepted
If you are an orphan or adopted, you are accepted
If you are depressed or alone, you are accepted and have a support system
If you are in a dangerous or unstable enviroment, you are accepted and we will help you
If you are a refugee, you are accepted
If you are a struggling parent who is fighting to make ends meet, you are accepted and we will help you

If you need friends and a family, who will love you and always be there for you - No matter who else judges you. We will assist you if you need it. We will fight for you and stand in your corner. You have a family here. Take a deep breath and just be yourself here. We wouldn't want you to be any other way.

I can teach you how to cook and craft a happier existence, how to cleanse yourself of negative energies and the environment around you, how to make yourself happier and to rid your space of problematic situations that are lowering your frequency


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About Alison

Hi there! Merry meet! My name is Alison and I am the Priestess of Blessed Moon temple. I have been practicing and learning for 8 years now, and have been a priestess and teaching for now three.
I am 18 years old, 19 in February (Aquarius!) and I live in Northern California with my boyfriend. I have an old kitty named Jinzo, an old pit bull sweetheart named Blue, and my precious little hamster Aiko.

I came from a very isolating and abusive childhood if you could even call it that. I was homeless, my mother was emotionally and physically abusive and I always looked for an escape from the world around me. When I was 11 my cousin showed me these faerie tarot cards and said she was Wiccan, and from there on I was curious. I just had to learn more. No matter how bad the punishment was from my mom if she caught me looking into things that were blasphemy to her, it was my belief. My path. My knowledge that no one could take from me.
When I was 16 i became an orphan, and finished my high school online in a shelter because I had no other family.

Now. I am basically 19 with a loving partner by my side, a house, precious furbabies, a gaming pc I am beyond proud of, amazing friends
And now one of my dreams. To open a group where we help those who need help.
Teach people self love and self care
To let go of toxic people and toxic situations and show people how to build themselves up
You should be proud of who you are and what makes you who you are.



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