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Passionate Former Sunday school teacher High School Junior perusing an Associates Degree

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I rely on connecting with the student. I want to figure out how the individual learns best. There is no single best way to teach. I am patient and motivated.


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About Jacqueline

I want to be a teacher and have made all As since middle school. I love younger children. I’ve taught Sunday school and can connect with younger students. I am passionate and driven and will not stop until there’s progress.



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  • I am a Govt approved trained abacus instructor, 7 years of experience, taking online/offline classes from Riyadh



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  • An IT Nerd Who LOVES to Help Highschool & College Students with their Math Courses


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    Hi! I am LaRon Bell but you can call me Ron. I give lessons to all different ages online and in-person here in Atlanta,...

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    Los Angeles

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    My teaching method mirrors my field of study – learning through practice. The bulk of one's success comes from their own...

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    • 30mins free