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Patient, enthusiastic senior with 25 years of experience, looking forward to helping a student reach their desired goals.

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My approach to lessons and instruction is to help the student see what they already know and build on that foundation. We all know much more than we realize. I guide the student with patience, humor and postive reinforcement.


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About Kathe

I am a retired educator with a background in childcare, library skills and typing/technology skills. My 8th graders graduated with knowledge of all applications of Microsoft Office Suite. I smile at the thought of my past students and where they are now.



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    Dr. Mary (Professional Tutor)


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  • French courses for ERASMUS students and EXPAT / English courses for ERASMUS STUDENTS and Expatriates


    Strasbourg, France

    4.9 (16 reviews)

    Looking for affordable and efficient French courses in Strasbourg? You've found your teacher! In a relaxed...

    • $48/h
  • Graduated in Languages, Literatures and Cultural Mediation, graduated from the Classical Lyceum, offers repetitions of Greek to high school students in Padua


    Campodarsego, Italy

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    I try to adapt to each student's needs, therefore I don't have a standard teaching method. I make an effort to help my...

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    Los Angeles

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    ****VERY SHORT RESPONSE TIME; MOSTLY WITHIN 1 HOUR**** **************** STRICTLY NO homework, assignments, coursework,...

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