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Physics graduate great at making physics and math easy to learn. I can teach any math or physics subject from elementary school to college level

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I'm a young physics graduate who loves teaching.

I have a lot of experience teaching high school students in a way that makes complicated concepts easy to learn.

I teach by solving a lot of examples and then helping my students to solve some on their own until they become confident and can solve problems with ease


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About Bruno

I've successfully helped 5 high-school students so far to finish their math courses with 8/10 or higher grades

I used to give private lessons at their houses for one hour two or three times a week and always got great results



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  • 10h: $250


  • $25/h

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  • Current electrical engineering student at the University of Missouri - Columbia. Ready to teach any high-school-level math for your needs!


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  • English Major, Minor Journalism; Telecommunications Management- Navy/Army Veteran. Radioman, Navy; Military Intelligence, Army.


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  • Published Physicist and Mathematician with 5+ years of tutoring experience at the colligate level


    Kansas City

    In teaching mathematics, I strive to present topics clearly in a geometric manner - this means lots of pictures! In addition...

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  • Environmental Engineering Major passionate about teaching young minds everything I have learned.


    Fort Lauderdale

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  • Academic Tutor - Current Energy Engineer with 10 years of Experience in STEM Field



    I trust in ingraining an enthusiasm for lifetime learning into my students. One way I ingrain this enthusiasm is by being a...

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  • A hard-working ARMY trying to earn money for BTS merch currently getting my teaching degree!



    My teaching method is different...I can teach you how to learn or just approach each topic you're unfamiliar with per class....

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  • Friendly teacher, make good environment students will learn better,I will make lesson easier



    I teach students very friendly,I am always sincere about student,I make lesson more easier for them,they understand easily...

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  • Engineering background offering maths and physics lessons in philadelphia with 5 years experience



    practice based approach, covering many areas possible in case of physics, and quantity exercises in math

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  • Math and Physics Tutor with 5 Years of Experience in Houston, Texas



    I prefer to connect ideas in the problem to topics with which the student is already familiar, so that they retain the...

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  • Ivy League engineering and philosophy student offering math, physics, and engineering lessons



    I teach with the student as my primary concern. Each student in a class needs to learn the same information, but not every...

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  • Hello, my name is Shezin. I am a recent graduate in Mechanical Engineering from NYU, seeking opportunities to pass on knowledge and make someone’s learning experience eventful. I specialize in Maths a



    My approach to teaching is based off of my learning experience as a student. What really captivated me in learning is by...

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  • Mechanical Engineering Master student gives lectures of Math and Physics (Italian or English)



    I can help out students with their practical exercises, and by giving out theory insights.

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  • Physics professional (with a PhD in physics and 14 years of teaching experience) offering maths and physics lessons in greater Austin

    Dip N

    Round Rock

    Based on my experience as a teacher/professor, researcher and process technology development engineer, I have had a feeling...

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  • A Nuclear Physicist with 10+ years of teaching Physics, residing in Detroit.



    I use audio-visual aids, animation etc. to clarify abstruse concepts and use problem-solving strategies, to build up...

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  • Experienced Mathematics and Physics Instructor, Chicago, college experience and tutoring since 2013



    I approach teaching with a student's needs in mind, using Socratic method of leading questions and guided instruction,...

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  • Former University Physics Instructor in New Orleans who has now completed his Phd in physics.



    I prefer to work one-on-one with a student. I try to understand what background the student is missing in order to solve a...

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  • MIT engineering graduate with 5+ years of teaching experience offering tutoring for physics, mathematics, and mechanical engineering subjects.


    Individualized and personalized lessons tailored to your learning style and pace. I will come to every lesson prepared both...

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  • Mechanical Engineer who teaches physics and mathematics for the past 5 years



    We focus on the basics, we simplify our problem and use a step by step approach. No matter how hard a problem might be we...

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  • Mechanical Engineer with 8 years of experience gives Math/Physics/Engineering lessons in Lakewood,CO.

    Jose Luis


    I like to approach problems by breaking them down to their basic level. Only if we understand the basics can we move on to...

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