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Private Math Lessons with a College Senior Math Student with 2 Years Tutoring Experience

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I use open-ended guiding questions to help lead students to the solutions without me directly giving it to them. I use probing questions when possible to gauge students' knowledge levels and to help me better understand their points of confusion so I can take a more individualized approach to help them.


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About Kyle

I am a fourth-year math major at the University of Cincinnati. I have been doing group tutoring for about a year and a half, but have gained much one-on-one experience through this position. I love sharing my knowledge and helping students reach success. I believe mathematics is a challenging but rewarding subject and that most people's struggles with math come from a lack of proper instruction rather than a lack of ability.



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I require at least 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson for any reason other than sudden illness or another type of emergency; I give my students the same 24 hour notice as well if I should need to cancel.

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  • A senior at Lakota east! An aspiring future math teacher for all ages


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  • Former elementary / middle school math teacher.  I am patient and kind. I understand how it can be frustrating and/or intimidating. I will do my best to partner with you for success! :)



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  • Graduate student teaches maths from middle school to high school in Cincinnati with teaching experience of 5 years.



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  • Elementary Education Major with a Passion for Teaching Mathematics To All Ages



    I am a 23-year-old student finishing a degree in Elementary education. I have a passion for teaching kids and seeing them...

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  • Chemistry Major and Mathematics Minor undergrad in Canton, OH ready to tutor.



    I make sure the students understand the material, then I proceed with guided practice problems and mini quizzes. It is...

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  • Mathematics Tutor in CT, and Online Nationally, CT Certification Trained and Classroom Experienced.



    Rather than just formula/algorithm memorization, I teach for understanding, using a student's experience or current/past...

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  • College freshman mathematics major with a specific passion for trigonometry and algebra.



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  • Ph.D in math with more than twenty-five years of teaching experience.


    Overland Park

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  • Elementary, High School, College Mathematics Tutoring from Graduate Level Mathematician, Bellingham, WA



    I approach math as a dialogue, meaning that together we will ask questions that show us how the problem works and lead us to...

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  • Math tutor with AS degree and many years experience helps you understand math.



    I like to start by asking the student what the student understands. Then I find out where that understanding ceased and try...

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  • Second year at the University of California, Irvine, double majoring in Data Science and Dance, with a minor in Biology.


    La Cañada Flintridge

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  • Hi, I am Zeeshan. I am teaching and eliminating the maths problem since 2009. I am a big believer that any person can understand maths with the right environment and guidance. So, don't be shy!!!



    I teach High-School students with meticulously & elucidatory to avoid any misconception. I am very strict in the foundation...

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  • Umich Graduate tutoring in Math and English in Schererville to all ages



    I approach each experience uniquely as there are various ways of learning. I want to make sure the student I am helping will...

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  • I am an Architecture major at Texas A&M University in College Station and have been tutoring math on the side since I graduated high school.


    College Station

    I teach by using different examples than what your professor or teacher might have given you and also will prepare practice...

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  • An electrical engineering major tutoring calculus, algebra, and geometry in Edwardsville IL.



    I can teach high school kids and prepare them for college in stem fields. I am very hands on and will teach students short...

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  • Chemical Engineering Student, offering math lessons in Laramie Wyoming, Fluent in both Español and English, looking to see others succeed!



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  • I am a highly trained mathematics tutor with 15 years of experience.



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  • A licensed professional teacher with 18 years of classroom teaching and tutoring experiences


    Fort Stewart

    As a High School and College teacher for 18 years, I usually approach my lessons using the principle of constructivism. I...

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  • Mechanical Engineering student with over five years of experience in mathematics tutoring.



    I give lessons to any students willing to learn and better their mathematical abilities. I believe all students have the...

    • $20/h
    • 1hr free