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About John

What we can do together:

This part is mainly up to you. I find myself adaptable in all situations, walks of life, financial situation, etc.

I attempt to bring my experience to whatever the needs of my students are. For however long and helpful, and however long I needed, I do my very best to get you to the next level.

Whatever that may look like:

Increasing your range
Diversifying your repertoire
Writing cover letters
Audition prep
Mastering a new style

I've been taught by, and work with the best. I fully intend to pass on what's been passed to me



  • 5h: $375
  • 10h: $500


  • + $$30


  • $80/h


I calculated my rates based on when I get paid to do what I do, the amount of hours I've invested in my career, and the dollars I've spent on my hard-earned education.

That being said I love to have fun and I also understand financial hardship. Scholarships were offered to me my whole life based on my work ethic and my talent level.

Please reach out and I'm sure we can work something out if you're willing to learn and work

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  • I have a background in dance and musical theater for about 12 years!


    New York

    I like to have student centered classes. I want my students to feel like they are getting what they need out of my class and...

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  • Professional Actor with 15 years of experience who loves to teach others


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    I teach from a working actors point of view, which is something that some teachers cannot give, I understand what todays...

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  • Teen actress with 4 years of experience gives acting lessons VIA Zoom fridays from 4-5pm



    My teaching goes on during Zoom calls for 9-11 year old's and i approach with understanding and comfort for beginner actors,...

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  • Certified Music and Theatre Professional here to provide you with the actual results you want



    My teaching method is simple: No two students are the same, so why treat them the same? Through many years of teaching and...

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  • Professional Boston actress offering personal in depth coaching for songs and monologues.



    Each actor needs to find their best method for approaching their pieces, so I offer a variety of different tactics to help...

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  • Musical theatre enthusiast, 8 years of related experience, loves the art of storytelling through collaborated arts!



    I like to take an empathetic approach to acting rather than a specifically methodical approach. I plan on focusing on the...

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  • Professionally trained musical theatre artist and teacher giving lessons from Charlotte, NC!



    I approach each lesson by encouraging students to be vulnerable enough to break outside of their comfort zone, as that is...

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  • Musical Theatre Music Director & Pianist offering audition training and coaching to NAIL your next audition or video submission!



    My approach is based on my experience as a pianist in musical theatre auditions, as a music director on the creative team,...

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  • Acting Lessons - Instructor Holds Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from AMDA LA



    5 (2 reviews)

    I approach each acting lesson with the method appropriate for the actor's experience, ability, type, age and other...

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  • Actor and Theatre Professional with 5+ years experience offers acting exercises, audition advice, and performance insight (remote)



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    My method is exploration-based. I don't believe that there is one correct answer to a question when it comes to artistic...

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  • HS senior musical theatre major teaching singing and acting lessons over zoom!

    Talia Bernstein

    San Antonio

    I will design each class according to your specific wants/needs and whether you want to focus more on acting or vocal...

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  • Georgetown University theater student with professional acting experience offering virtual coaching sessions



    Sessions will vary greatly depending on individual clients' goals, but here are the core similarities: I want to help you...

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  • Professional theatre actor in Dallas, Texas offering coaching for college/professional auditions through Zoom



    My teaching approach is dependent on the student because theatre in such a human art form. I first get to know the student...

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  • Actor with 3 to 4 years of experience hoping to provide fun, simple, and engaging basic acting lessons.



    I attempt to tailor my teaching to the student as an individual. Everyone learns differently and I continue to learn which...

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  • Passionate produced playwright and experienced performer, specialty in Shakespeare and classical texts, recent graduate , summa cum laude



    I approach teaching by meeting students wherever they are. Everyone on earth can learn and improve, but pushing students...

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  • Experienced musical theater actress and director willing to share valuable, experience and insight.



    I have an eclectic approach to teaching. I tailor the instruction I give to meet the educational needs of the student....

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  • Art and Communication student offering help with script writing and character developing.


    Fort Worth

    I approach each topic by working to create a safe an open space for ideas to flourish. It's important for me and the...

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  • Opera major, sang a solo in Carnegie Hall at age 17, was in a Broadway show at 15. Just love to sing and dance (:


    American Fork

    I love both group settings and one on one. The biggest thing for me is helping people build confidence. I let people pick...

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  • Production Vocalist on cruise ships, with a degree in vocal music education. 8 years of teaching experience, and 10 years of performance experience


    Prospect Heights

    I like to start from the basics. Each lesson will begin with breathing exercises and we will begin to connect the breath...

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  • Musical Theatre lessons and audition prep with Choreographer and Arts Educator from Philadelphia



    My experience in early childhood and dance education has taught me that every student needs one-on-one instruction and a...

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  • Acting Coach with 10 years of real life experience in CA/AZ, online/in-person



    5 (4 reviews)

    My teaching method is centered around you! Before jumping into the lesson id love to get to know exactly what you would like...

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    • 1hr free