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Lessons offered by Maria Teresa
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Taught subjects
  • Positive psychology
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Conflict management
  • KonMari Method
  • All Levels

Professional eliminator that will be your lifestyle designer and coach! I'm here to help you build mental wealth.


The type of person you are, and the type of person you'll grow into, is entirely based on your values.

Let's start by identifying what matters to you the most, what your goals are, and lastly we'll follow-up with a needs assessment. After that, we'll chart out all our steps and milestones on a project plan so we know exactly what outcomes you will achieve, and why!

If you want to know a bit more about my methodology to personal development & leadership before chatting with me, check out Kim Scott's "Radical Candor"". I can't wait to hear what you read about it!


No one knows how to get rid of things the way I do. Growing up, I hated having "stuff". It simply got in the way of things that really mattered, like being fulfilled. 

As the daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants, I was raised frugally. However, I also know that when things became more stable, my family had the tendency to accumulate duplicates "just in case". Fast forward, and I am now a Six Sigma Yellow belt who uses process improvement strategy to coach folks who experience poverty mentality, impostor syndrome, and the psychological struggles that lead people to distract from their mental health. 

With more than a decades worth of work, a certification in education, and a background in psychology, I know exactly where I want to be: on the frontlines, teaching folks how to win their daily battles with emotional, cognitive, and psychological security. But it's more than just acquiring a sense of mental stability. It's about purpose; it's about thriving. Subsequently, I founded my consultancy Gozar. In Spanish, "gozar" means to enjoy. It's my lifes mission to coach people from a place of mental health to mental wealth, using minimalisms principal tenet of mindfulness.  

There's so much more that I could share with you, but I prefer connecting 1:1. So let's hop on a call and chat through how I can bring you a minimalist coaching approach for maximum mental wealth and personal growth.


Transportation Fee : $15
Rate for online lessons : $50/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $220
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $440


Please note that I am a professional consultant. This reflects in the hourly rate.

The experience shown in my CV demonstrates my ability to drive tangible results.
I have no doubt that my hourly rate accurately reflects the amount of value derived in these lessons.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want more details.
You can check out my LinkedIn here: (concealed information)

Talk soon!

Lessons offered by Maria Teresa
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Positive psychology
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Conflict management
  • KonMari Method
  • All Levels

Maria Teresa's resume

Senior Manager Voice of Customer

Managed the Quality Program and the Analysis Program within the Voice of Customer Team, managing multiple sub-projects in each workstream.
Managed and coordinated all aspects of the programs & projects, including the design/building, scheduling, roles & responsibilities, operational needs, risks, internal user requirements, scalability, and outcomes.
Worked with internal partners to tailor-make project roadmaps and achieve program objectives.
Measured the outcomes and outputs of projects and process improvement endeavors, thus leveraging quantitative results to inform direction of the business.
Lead and presented projects through planning, development, launch, stabilization, postmortem facilitation, and close.
Increased international productivity by 41%, restructuring the team from Customer Intelligence to insight-driven Voice of Customer while decreasing team headcount by 9 members and promoting 6.
Strategized with Product Operations , creating KT’s first monthly billing model through the delivery of competitor analysis.
Exposed ~$24k in concessions through apparent root cause analysis and audit investigation with only two resources.
Recommended & scaled KT’s first KPI-based Efficacy Rubric used by Sales, Customer Success, and Customer Support.
Designed, scaled, and trained to the CAR methodology for Rapport Building; employed by Sales & Customer Success.
Scaled mentorship program centered on Bloom’s Taxonomy for Managers and Directors to successfully use the SBI-D feedback model.
Founded and scaled KT’s “InterseKT” in-person and remote Roundtables using the Crucial Conversation and Unconscious Bias/Conscious Action frameworks.
Presented and facilitated workshops, teaching groups of 30+ ERG leads techniques to build tailored mentorship programs at the first Inaugural ERG Summit.

Lyft, Inc.
Bilingual Quality Assurance

Analyzed customer support flows and provided recommendations for process, policy & product improvements.
Tracked and audited key operational metrics to deeply understand the support environment, and helped determine where to focus optimization efforts.
Worked with cross-functional partners to improve the customer support experience on existing products, innovating new products where necessary.
Investigated ways to improve existing processes and fix pain points through automation, streamlining, and program delivery.
Slashed Cost Per Ride by $.08, analyzing rider request patterns and designing recommendations for Product, thus driving down concessions and ~$4 million in refund and discounts per month.
Decreased Support communication volume by ~ 7%, analyzing driver behavior and strategizing with Product to implement reason-specific in-app driver deactivation notifications.
Reduced Support Team workforce overhead costs by a team of ~20, automating the W9 form upload process (2019) for driver taxes and improving the in-app experience.
Decreased Support call verification non-compliance by ~60% for >4,931 interactions in Customer Support.
Bilingual Trust & Safety

Founded the role company-wide, project planning and scaling a detailed Bilingual Safety Program within a 6 month ramp period.
Used problem solving skills to resolve large and complex business problems for the Critical Response Line.
Managed cadence and timely updates to process documentation such as point of contacts, process steps, workflows, and system access.
Increased Net Promoter Score by ~5 points after presenting & project planning and scaling a standardized handoff process specifically tailored to the Spanish inbound queue, thus improving the caller experience.
Increased First Contact Response by ~11%, project planning and scaling 5 new Spanish Customer Relationship Management processes.
Increased Service Level Agreement By ~19% after hiring and training >10 Bilingual Safety associates, thus improving the customer response experience.
ERG Founder - UpLyft Women, UpLyft Unidos

Presented to the President, along with 4 Vice Presidents, and multiple directors. Garnered ~$1.3 million annual investment for Professional Development Hour, thus growing the Nashville office to ~800 employees and increasing retention by ~20%.
Partnered cross-functionally with the Director of Internal Communications to prioritize standardizing crisis response emails after the Nashville Waffle house shooting sent to over 800 team members.
Collaborated with the Head of Benefits to change the employee communications sent by our partner Lyra, which was later distributed to Facebook, Uber, and eBay.
Proposed and Executed Hispanic Heritage Month for over ~60 members and 800 employees with an annual investment of ~ $4k.

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