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Lynz - Prof music production - Los Angeles


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Rare female music producer teaching music production fundamentals online to those ready to learn

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About Lynz

Hey there.

A blurb about me.....

I've recorded and released my first album at age 16. Since then, I've attended Grammy Foundation’s annual music camp, (Maren Morris) and graduated from the prestigious Westlake Studio’s (Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Rihanna) commercial music production academy.

Aka: I have the skills to get very high-quality productions and know how to share it.

Method-wise, I believe it is all about the song. Everything learned and each piece of gear exists to serve the song. The next most important in music to me is the melody.

Stylewise, I'm inspired by electronic music, singer-songwriter, etc.

I have been writing songs since I was 12 and know pop song arrangement and how critical catchy hooks and melodies are.

I can help you record your demos, give you feedback and teach you to produce your first track for release!

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So, you want to record yourself at home.

You’ve been wanting to learn music production. You fire up your computer.

You know what happens when you sit down to learn.

YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, the pull is real.

YouTube has thousands of tutorials you can spend hours watching, and I encourage you to do so.

But what if you have a question they can’t answer right away? Then you spend hours fighting with your computer and hours later realize it was something so simple.

But that’s how you learn.

But what if we could speed up the process? You could get hands-on guidance with someone who has that experience already.

So why coaching?

One on one coaching enables you to feel accountable and put it in your schedule—that way, the learning will get done.

You’ll get direct help and get detailed and customized answers to your questions to your specific needs. There’s no more wishing you will sit down and do it when you have an appointment with somebody else. You will find a way.

Similar to showing up to a job when people are relying on you!

Here’s your chance to book music production lessons. You want to learn, and I’ll teach you how to get started in music.

We'll assess where you're at and level up from there!

Hands on practice is truly the best way to do this, even for an over thinker like me, so I’d love if you have some material we can walk through for the lessons and we can use it as a place to build on. If not, we can make something!

Here are the three areas I focus the most:
- Catchy & memorable songwriting lessons & review
- Music production tutoring in Ableton & Logic & Pro Tools
- Vocal production/coaching to get the best results

But we can also get into……
- Song mixing tutoring and song feedback & reviews
- Acoustic guitar for songwriting / live performance
- Live-streaming for songwriters
- Release strategy & how to
- Sound treating your space
- And more!

Schedule a free half hour consult and let's see if there's chemistry

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  • $75

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