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Recent BA Graduate helps with general psychology homework online with 3 years experience

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My tutoring methods involve one-on-one sessions focusing on topics the student wishes to emphasize (homework help, studying for a test) in college psychology courses. I try to figure out what works best for the student in regards to learning style.


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About Machaela

I have a BA in Psychology, and I helped about ten students over the course of three years in various college psychology courses, including Psychology Methodology, Statistics, Senior Seminar, Intro, and Psychology Lab (writing). They have thanked me for helping them get better grades and feeling more confidant about their capabilities.



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If you need to cancel an appointment, please give me a minimum of three hours notice in advance.

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  • Current psychology student with 2 years experience virtually teaches psychology from OH



    I first go over all the presented material with the students to get a feel for what topics we should focus on. Then, I work...

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