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Research scientist with Master's degree in molecular biology tutors high school and college students in Buffalo

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I have a master's degree in molecular biology and I was a teaching assistant at UB while I was receving my degree. I taught Genetics and Biochemistry labs.
My style of teaching is to put biological concepts into simpler terms so a basic understanding of the topic is reached. Then, I expand and build on that foundational level of understanding by going over practical applications of those concepts in the field.
I like to relate to the student as I am young myself and I understand what it is like trying to learn difficult concepts.
I also give advice on test taking skills.


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About Marysa

While earning my degree I worked in a research lab full time. I also was a teaching assistant for genetics and biochemistry labs. I taught mostly sophomores and juniors in college, with about 25 students at any given time. I taught them how to perform lab techniques and protocols but also was responsible for helping them understand the theory behind them.



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