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Retired Nuclear Engineer loves to teach toughest courses helping others achieve success

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Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Nuclear Engineering) University of Florida

Over 2000 hours of technical and self development courses received during a 37 year career working as a Licensed Professional Engineer (State of Florida) both nationally and internationally.

In my work as in my teaching plans, the multifaceted problems that present themselves to be solved, varied across all engineering disciplines, scientific and mathematics fields, with a special emphasis on working with people in every field, nationality, creed, culture, and knowledge level.

Problem solving can be fun when it is performed as an opportunity to share knowledge to help others grow their knowledge and understanding of the best ways to think and tackle problems using the mind to see all the "pieces of the puzzle" and skillfully apply written instructions from the textbooks to solve the puzzle/problems.

Teaching is about sharing the tools and developing others minds to know and understand the tools and how best to use them solve the problems. While each problem is unique, as we all know neither I nor anyone else can give you the answers to all of the problems you will encounter in life and your career, but to give you the tools and share the methods of the mind to see the real problem that needs to be solved and develop answers in simple logical ways each student can apply for themselves.

This approach is the same approach my professors used to teach me to think like and Engineer, and be the best nuclear engineer I was capable of being believing in the process they used so I could believe in me and do the work that was difficult at times, but never impossible. For a young man that grew up on a farm slopping the pigs, and started working at 7 years old on a trash truck and paper recycling business in 1962, the instruction I received and am able to share with my students, is life changing and rewarding for me and for you!


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About Paul

I have worked around the world, literally doing nuclear engineering. Working in the control room of an operating nuclear reactor plant for 15 years, so cool all I learned and was taught by other brilliant people.

I oversaw nuclear fuel manufacturing, design engineering, inspecting ion and safety analysis for 11 years and learned the technical trades of welding, heat treating, quality control inspection, materials, machining, nondestructive examinations, etc.

Other engineering work took me to Seoul South Korea to work with engineers in Korea and United Arab Emirates, also in Sweden, Germany and France, and across the USA! I have learned to adapt to major career changes and work situations and will share the professional demeanor and attitude powering my success in my teaching methods. The cultural adjustments I have made and learned from will no doubt make it easy to relate to and teach any kind of student at any age, because it is in my personality and character to care to share the best life has given me that is bottled up in my head and heart while enjoying my retirement. Let me share that with you and help you be successful, it will be educational and fun!



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