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Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Master's Degree in Adult Learning; college preparation, English, English as a Second Language, basic math and more; St Petersburg, Florida 33716


I assess a student's knowledge and abilities, ask what his/her goals are, and help him/her attain those goals. (Note that I didn't say "what their goals are" because I was referring to one "student". Likewise I did not write "them" referring again to the one student.) I use real life examples to make my teaching relevant and interesting. I make the learning as fun as possible. I have a Master's Degree in Adult Learning from the State University of New York. The name of the degree is important. The emphasis was on the student learning, not the teacher teaching. The best advice I ever had about student learning is this: Make a list of all that you are doing with your curriculum. Are you lecturing, using PowerPoint, using Overhead projections, reading from the text, etc. Next, look at WHAT THE STUDENT IS DOING! Rolling his/her eyes as you lecture? Watching a PowerPoint, writing in their copy of the PowerPoint so they don't have to copy it, and answering fill in the blank questions? (Students remember more if they write it down; it gets "written" in their brains.) Are they in small groups discussing a topic? Are they paired up to discuss the topic. Are they building a model of the concept.
Once at a conference several small groups were asked to make a mobile model of our agency. This hanging model had various parts, all balanced to hang correctly, representing the board of directors, funding sources, mentors, youth, staff, collaborating agencies, etc. We all proudly showed our mobiles and described how they represented the agency. Then we were told the real reason for the exercise. We were told to go back to our groups and discuss: Was there a group leader? How was she/he picked? Who had lots of ideas? Who was shy and held back? Did anyone try to draw out the shy person(s). Was anyone overbearing? How did the group react? And more. The exercise was about group dynamics. You can see how much more involved we were in this than if we had had a lecture about group dynamics.
Lastly, when I am helping someone learn, I always try to use the knowledge that he or she has already to build upon to learn new information. That way you're not boring the student with stuff s/he already knows, and everything is easier to learn if you can relate it to something you already know.


Taught English as a Second Language two years in South Korea in the Peace Corps. Taught in Inner city Chicago; taught many workshops and classes in private companies and not-for-profit agencies. Have taught over 1,000 students. Earned a Master's Degree in Adult Learning at State University of New York. My teaching approach is to start where the student is, learn his/her goal, and help him or her attain that goal. I make my teaching interesting and fun. For one agency where I taught, I developed a curriculum for mature (over age 25) students to prepare them to begin college or return to college.


Transportation Fee : $1
Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $90
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $180


60 cents per mile will be charged for travel to a student's home. Tutoring can be done at a library that would be closer to my home and save mileage.

Lessons offered by Christopher
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Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • All Levels

Christopher's resume


GRADUATE SCHOOL: Master of Science, Buffalo State College
Management of Adult Learning

UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL: Bachelor of Arts Purdue University, Sociology


Supervising Volunteers, Program Planning, Preparing Budgets, Writing Grants, Writing and Monitoring Contracts, Supervising and Developing Staff, Conducting Public Relations Programs and Conducting Research

Coordinator, Orleans United Drug Free Communities Coalition
Coordinator, Smoke Free NOW
Coordinator, Tobacco Prevention & Control, Pinellas County DOH
Consultant, Court Administrator for Juvenile Services
Executive Director, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Wabash Valley
State Coordinator, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Indiana
Payroll Clerk, AARP SCSEP Program


Designing and Facilitating Classes & Workshops, Public Presentations

Employment & Training Coordinator, Genesee County Job Dev. Bureau
Training Specialist, Fujisawa USA
Trainer, Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)
Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
English Teacher, United States Peace Corps-Korea


Assessing Needs, Developing Treatment Plans, Case Management

Counselor, Catholic Charities
Counselor, Youth Services Bureau
E.D. and Counselor, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Greater Lafayette

• Wrote successful grants up to $240,000
• Increased agency caseload 150% in one year
• Expanded agency geographic area by 50%
• Managed coalitions in three counties
• Implemented FDA compliant training management system

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