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Timmurra - Prof academic tutoring - Baltimore


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I give lessons in different formats to different people, whether it be friends, neighbors, during volunteer hours or co-workers. As a result of me and their own hard work, discipline, time, patience, and diligence they received A's, B's, and lessons they can grow on their own.

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I am currently an undergraduate Senior, but am planning to be in graduate school this fall. I am studying Political Science, but am planning to study Humans Rights in graduate school. Being an academic is not easy, but curiosity of life generally tends to lead me there.

I love to laugh so my lessons are performed through conversations. Lessons are guided with me asking questions to gain an understanding of how best to guide you further into the lesson, what you are missing, and should already have knowledge of. I will prescribe that you do outside reading and research, but can do that with you as well.

My characteristics as a teacher is flexible, charismatic, and encouraging because learning is very thrilling to me. I am able to understand different points of view and am patient enough to try different mindsets. Once I know my own area well it is a lot easier to teach others. I love to learn as I teach and appreciate others ability to teach me a different way as long as they may succeed.

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Travel is what makes the rates increase. Lessons are better when taught over skype, but I can move around the area if needed. I live to travel!

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